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This October we are so excited to host a Spooky workshop series, “Creating Haunted Houses” on Fridays.
During this four session workshop series we’ll turn basic 12″x 12″ cardboard box house bases into the spooky halloween houses each participant creates. This includes wall paper, spider webs, funky furniture they make and the zany characters of the season. See each week’s focus for more details.
If your kids love halloween they are going to have the best time making their own Halloween House to play with and savor.
Instructors: Jemma Wildermuth & Mayra Simons
$80 for all four Fridays or $22 per individual session.
All Materials provided.
Online scheduling

10/4- Building The House Core
This week we’ll flush out the “bones” of the house with details like fencing, chimney’s windows and doors.
10/11- Making Spooky Furniture and more
This week we’ll focus on making fun and funky furniture to fill these spooky houses along with any garden detail kids want to include.
10/18- Creating Funky Characters
This week we’ll work on creating mini characters to inhabit the house. This can include ghosts, goblins, monsters, regular people and more. It’s all about who the kids imagine.
10/25- Final Haunted Touches
This week we’ll finish up all the details kids want to add to make their houses ready four haunting just in time for Halloween.