Field Trips, Homeschoolers, Groups & Scouts

“This is by far the best field trip I’ve ever had!”
Reese H. 2nd Grade Student
Willow Elementary School

CReATE loves to share eco creativity with students, teachers, camp directors and parent volunteers.
Visit us for a super fun, artistic experience where each child is master of their creative process! With our creative school programs the individual  fee is $9.00 per child when attending as part of a group experience.

The studio setting provides an open ended creative opportunity for children to explore their idea processes though the self-serve setting provided. Material bins of recycled and new materials, as well as traditional artistic materials like tape, glue guns, and glitter are all on hand for use.
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We love Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Homeschoolers & Odyssey groups!
CReATE is a great place to work on badges, patches and big ideas!
Troops and Scouts get our school rate of $9.00 per participant (regardless of age) when holding a meeting or making a group field trip to CReATE!

Did you know we have deemed Thursdays as Homeschool Thursday at CReATE! This is a day for busy homeschool families to put CReATE on their calendars. Our $9.00 Homeschool rate is good on Thursdays and everyday for Homeschoolers. You don’t have to be affiliated with any particular group or organization. Homeschooling is the only criteria!

Odyssey Groups get a flat $30.00 team fee per visit for up to 7 team members. Click here to get details about your visit to CReATE.

Come in and create with us today. We can’t wait to spend time with you.
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*Please note our field trip cancelation policy:
*Field Trips canceled more than 24 hours in advance of their scheduled field trip date will have no charge.
Field trips canceled less than 24 hours of scheduled time will be responsible to pay 15% of their estimated student based attendance cost i.e. $425 estimated for 50 children @ $9 per child would mean that $63.75 would still be due and payable to CReATE STUDIO for the field trip.

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