Seasonal Inspirations

Our ever-changing world provides so much inspiration for creative projects. Check out this page all year long for seasonal creative ideas.
Right now, we are focusing on the winter holidays. Need more inspiration? I can bring the fun to you for holiday themed CReATE Dates. I bring all the materials and supplies for a festive gathering to create simple, festive projects. Call/text the studio at 818-575-9566 or Click here to schedule a date! Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas!

Make a garland with painted cardboard letters. Trace out letter shapes you like and decorate them in your own way. Use a hole punch to make 2 holes in each letter for stringing up.
How cute are these? If you’ve got some old socks, you can make this adorable snow couple! All you need are some socks, a 1/2 cup of dried beans or rice to help it stand and fluff to fill it up. Use a rubber band to close the sock near the top and fold the top down over it to make a hat! Add embellishments to make it your own.
Festive paper snowflakes are fun and easy to make. Kids will be amazed at how a few cuts on folded paper creates a completely new design! Just take a square piece of paper; fold it into a triangle twice, then fold it in thirds like an accordion to make cone shaped point. Cut the top of the wide end off to make a straight edge. Now, cut out shapes on only one of the long edges. Open your paper up to see the snowflake you’ve made!
These paper-mache hearts are cinch for little hands to make and they’ll love squishing the glue between their fingers! Just take a healthy handful of shredded paper and mix it with glue (like you’re tossing a salad) then form into a heart and let dry. Next, bedazzle with some glitter if you like (or paint it!); top it off with a heart-felt sentiment and seal it with a good coat of mod podge.
Nothing says “I love you” like a home-made Valentine! Set out the red construction paper, glitter and glue and let your kids create the card of their imaginations!