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Ollie has a new slogan for CReATE, “Come in with a dream and leave with that dream a reality”.
Ollie, 8yrs

‘This is the best art place I’ve ever been to. It lets your imagination fly.”
Eliana, 8yrs

” Wanted to thank you for making this such a wonderful expereince for the
kids and the staff. I am so glad I found your web page. I hope to send you more groups in the future.”
Pat Chambers, Director CFCCenter for Children


“Thank you! Adin just loves being there. He thinks you’re great & you’re so creative
(his words in the car). He was so proud walking in w/ his pirate ship-he was beaming.
So thanks for having this wonderful spot where we can have a great
“Thursday afternoon” outing”.
See you soon!
Sue (Adin’s Grandma)


“The thing I like about CReATE is you can use junk and make it into art!”
Nick, 9yrs


“This is a cool art studio. You get to make your own art, you don’t have
to look at other peoples art, just make your own”
Finn, 7yrs


“I like this place”
Jake, 9yrs


‘This is such a fun place”
Trent, 4yrs


“This is the best art place I’ve ever been to!”
Cole, 10yrs


“This is one of our favorite places ever!”
Brent, 7yrs & Leah, 5yrs


“Being here makes me feel like a better mom” on saying YES to glitter, glue and paint at CReATE when the answer can be No at home due to mess”.
Kelly, Adult


“Thank you again for a great outing with our girls!  They totally had a blast!  I
received several emails from the parents saying how much fun they had! “
(referring to a Girl Scout outting to CReATE STUDIO)
 Laura, Girl Scout Leader


Thank you so much for hosting our group this morning!  I really appreciate you opening early for us to allow the children to have time to create  together.  Your studio is incredible and the children had so much fun using their imaginations!
Thank you again! I would recommend you to everyone I know with kids!
Take care. 

Tiffany C.”
Playgroup Facilitator


 “We had such a great time at CReATE today. Thank you creating such a wonderful space for our imaginations to explore!!!”
Michelle G. , Adult


“This is by far the best field trip I’ve ever had!”
Reese H. 2nd Grade Student
Willow Elementary School 


“I was in the studio today with 6 kids and we had a blast!!!! We will definitely be back often!!!!”
Shannon E., Adult 


Thank you for a wonderful party.  It was a lot of fun seeing the kids explore
the studio and I loved seeing all the projects that were created.  Everyone
had a great time and we are looking forward to coming back in another time
to enjoy the studio.
Thanks again.
Regards, Tara Kim


“This is the best place ever!”
Melanie, Adult


“This place is beyond my wildest dreams”
Stephanie, 9yrs


Thank you for everything!  The kids had a great time and parents too.
You have a great studio and looking forward to visiting it again.
Blessings to u and ur business.
Gina, Adult 


I LOVE this place
Grace T 8 yrs


“This is the Disneyland of art!”
Lisa, Adult


” This is a great place ”
Saya 6 years


“I really like this place. It’s really fun”
Ilana 4yrs


“Can we stay for 100 minutes?”
( having already been at CReATE for an hour and a half)
Ryan, 3yrs

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