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CReATE STUDIO is a mobile pop-up art studio bringing eco art fun to your community. Get inspired by the variety of recycled materials I bring to create art your way!

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November 15th is America Recycles Day!

I imagine that most of you already recycle — yay! However, Nov 15th is still a great day to ask ourselves what more we can do.  I think about the purposeful ordering of the slogan “Reduce, reuse, recycle.”   Recycling is an amazing and wonderful way to help the planet….

October Activities

October might just be my busiest month!  I am excited to be part of so many October community events!  I kick off the month on the morning of October 1st at the Native Plantpalooza and Eco Fest hosted by the Conejo Open Space Foundation.  Come learn from butterfly experts, beekeepers,…

Let’s Make Magazine Necklaces

Here’s a great craft activity and recycle lesson all rolled into one!  Kids appreciate recycling when they upcycle magazines into jewelry they can use!  Simply cut long, thin triangles out of magazine paper. Starting at the wide end of the paper triangle, roll the paper around a pencil again and again…