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Welcome to our do-it-your way mobile art studio! We inspire creativity in kids and community through recycling and open-ended creative reuse. From field trips to birthday parties, we've got creativity covered. Art fun for EVERYONE.

Create Studio Blog

This tip gets kids creating at home.

Kids need to create. It’s part of how their brain works. This tip gets your kids creating at home-fast. Save the various packagings for foods, packages that are delivered and the items you buy. Save T.P. rolls, pen caps and even printer paper that didn’t print right. Need more ideas…

Big Magic

It’s time for Big Magic

I need some magic in my days this summer. As the inevitable changes that come with COVID 19 ebb and flow, I need to regroup. Do you?It’s time for Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert to offer just what I need. I think it will be good…

Creating at home with fabric

In last week’s blog I introduced our Spotlight series on Fabric.We had a chance to explore the tip of the ice berg on what fabric is made from and how. This week I thought it would be fun to share a recent creating at home project I put on YouTube,…