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Welcome to our do-it-your way mobile art studio where artistic expression is for everyone through creative reuse. From field trips to birthday parties. we do it all! It's art fun for everyone.
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We have been in a Covid 19 swirl of change, loss, sickness, growth, uncertainty and creativity for the last two plus months. The pandemic has certainly been a force behind our mobile “pivot”, as Ross Geller of Friends would say. I realize that patience is our calling as phase two…

Today is a gift

So let’s make one. Whenever I feel uncertain about things I look to quotes for comfort. There is always something that speaks to brighter days that lifts me up. Today as I pondered some of my favorite quotes, I came to this jewel by Eleanor Roosevelt. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow…

Mindfully Speaking

I don’t know about you but I need to focus on positive experiences. There is so much information arising daily. Managing this Pandemic is a full time job that is tiring.That’s where mindfulness comes into play. Its self preservation, an act of self respect really. As Jon Kabat Zinn said,…