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Drop in and revel in our fun and funky DIY art studio geared toward creative exploration though open ended art. Enjoy a wide array of recycled, artistic and crafty materials, all available for use. Great for all ages. Copyright © 2009 - 2019 CReATE STUDIO FUN, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 
Create Studio Blog

Out of the mouths of babes.

Wise words from a six year old. You know the changes in the world are big when a six year old talks about them. Lyle’s dad told me a story about how she likes to create at home. She reuses everything she can get her hands on. Lyle stopped her…

Art for all

Everyone has the right to explore their creativity. I was talking to a parent last night who said she wasn’t artistic. We were making little glass magnets with map pieces. She loved the project because it was simple and she could collect pieces of map that matched the important places…

Parent’s Night Out!

That’s what we’re talking about. Every second Saturday of the month we host a Parent’s Night Out event at CReATE! It’s a Win/Win experience because kids spend an evening at the studio, creating to their hearts content while their parent’s go out on the town for a date night! Adriane…