Welcome to CReATE STUDIO

I’m Jemma, the owner, and founder of CReATE STUDIO. Through my artistic mash-up between recycling and art, kids develop an organic, hands-on understanding of the benefits of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste; creating the next generation to help our planet. 

Recyclables spark an expanded imagination when kids look beyond what is and imagine what can be.  Open-ended creating requires critical thinking and resourcefulness to bring their creative ideas to life.  Ultimately, when kids see what they’ve been able to create — all on their own — it leads to deeper self confidence.  Best of all, these skills are transferable to other areas of our kids lives. 

I offer after-school enrichment programs throughout the community as well as on-site school field trips, community events, camps, birthday parties, and CReATE Dates. You can learn more about these activities on my Happenings page.

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