We offer On-Site Field Trips for schools, camps and more.

“This is by far the best field trip I’ve ever had!”
Reese H. 2nd Grade Student
Willow Elementary School

CReATE STUDIO is all about two things for kids; Creativity and Reuse. Creating with recycled materials in a free-style way gets kids thinking way outside the proverbial box and into a mindset that sees unlimited possibilities around them. This mindset is the foundation for all learning they’ll do throughout their education and into adulthood.

We’ll visit your school or campsite for a super fun on-site experience with an emphasis on Reducing Waste by Recycling for Reuse- that’s the 3 Rs.
We bring along everything kids need to create using our categorized bins of recycled material as well as traditional art materials like tape, glue, and even glue guns. Check out our donation list to see the kinds of materials we bring.
Visit our Camps page to see the camps we offer too.

Our on-site visit cost starts with a base fee of $45 then, $9.50 per child for a minimum of 10 participants and up to 90!
Contact us to schedule a visit.

In addition to on-site field trips, we can visit your school for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Odyssey of the Mind groups. Visit our Troops, Scouts, and more page for details on Troops, Scouts, Homeschool Groups, and Odyssey Teams.
Contact us to schedule a visit.

*Please note our field trip cancelation policy:
*Field Trips canceled more than 24 hours in advance of their scheduled field trip date will have no charge.
Field trips canceled less than 24 hours of scheduled time will be responsible to pay 15% of their estimated student based attendance cost i.e. $425 estimated for 50 children @ $9 per child would mean that $63.75 would still be due and payable to CReATE STUDIO for the field trip.

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