Let’s Spotlight Yarn and String

I love casting a Spotlight on the recyclable materials we reuse at the studio. I believe that by reusing things as art materials we unlock our creativity and support our planet by lessening the burden of waste all at once!
Through my Spotlights I hope to build curiosity, and awareness of the earth to trash journey of the everyday items used in our community and, creating an investment in their reuse through creativity and mindfulness.

This month I feature string and yarn in some of their various forms, all around us everyday.

I’ll share snippets of curiosity like; how this materials inspires me, how it gets-reused, and how and more. I explore what artists make with this materials, where it comes from, as well as their impact post- consumer on our planet.
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Here’s the list of  the spotlight materials by month. 

January: Cork
February: Yarn & String
March: Wood
April: Metal
May: Glass
June: Shells & Stones
July: Plastics
August: Ceramics
September: Paper
October: Cardboard
November: Natural Things
December: Fabrics

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