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Inspired by this piece of styrofoam’s shape, Riley set to work emulating great ships of the past adding materials like tooth picks, a kleenex box and tiles (for an easy deck to swab ) to his sea faring ship ready from stem to stern . He can surely be proud, he has brought about all his captain needs to set to the high seas in style! 


Riley, 9 yrs


A Notebook

Kaylyn made her very own Facebook yesterday.

Something about the notepad’s shape inspired her to make the front cover a face. Decorated with love and lots of yarn she has a place to capture her stories and pictures. What a keeper!


Kaylyn, 6yrs

Fabric Scraps

Wait knew what idea he liked when he laid eyes on the spooky characters displayed on the wall of crafty October idea examples – Dracula!

With his moms help he set out to find all that he would need to make what he was imagining. In a bin of  large plastic spools he found the perfect body for his vision along with a ball that made just the right sized head. He and his mom had such fun crafting out his Transylvanian outfit from the fabric bin complete with cape, Scooby Doo shirt and fancy brooch.

He looks quite debonaire don’t ya think!


Wait, 4yrs



Kleenex Boxes

Kleenex box collaborating from Brownie Troop 60066 for our What Makes A House A Home Art Show and Auction is the wow of the week!

The girls found a fun way to bring each of their personalities to light through personalized Kleenex box rooms as part of a bigger whole in this stylishly multi floor house!

Individuality along with unity make their house a home.  It amazes me how much can be achieved when the ingredients are crafty freedom coupled with a common drive that can reach a group oriented goal while still maintaining each participants individuality. Self expression at it’s finest.

Troop 60066 House

2nd grade girls

Wooden Popsicle Sticks

Ryan and his dad had a friendly little competition going at the studio yesterday under the pretense of who could make a catapult launch farther. They set right to work gathering popsicle sticks and string along with other sturdy stuff.  It was quite fun to see the process of building, the engineering elements that go into making movable parts work. I noted smiles as they viewed each others works from one table to another. And on the work went. I imagine there is nothing more gratifying than making an idea live and breathe.

When all was said and done corks were the thrusted artillery that softly bounded through the air as the friendly competition came to a close. One catapult threw higher, the other one farther. All is fair in love and war.



Ryan, 12yrs



Artistic exploration though creative interpretation can lead to many grand ventures. 

Daisy explored her eye for color and texture though the use of fabrics and trimmings at CReATE to form eye catching cupcake style muffins that would be a believable purchase in today’s cupcake industry.

For Daisy this kind of  moment is about being caught up in the inspiration of what she sees around her, coaxing her playful imagination to life. For me, it is like a bridge from the present of this open minded child to a future of endless possibility. I am not sure if Daisy will become a Desert Chef , a Mathematician or a Rock Climber in her adulthood but I am sure that with creative opportunities like this she will become the best she can be at any career she chooses. 

Colorful Cupcake Muffins

Daisy, 7yrs

Sun Glasses

Sometimes the the most everyday item will spark your imagination.

A pair of sunglasses did that for Lisa. She made herself a pair of  silly disguise glasses for just about any costumed occasion using the glasses she found in the “small treasures” bin. A big pink button reminded her of a piggy snout which she gave depth to by adding the cup of an egg carton. A few feathers and a pipe cleaner brought the whole look together, you can’t help but smile at this disguise!

Keep an eye out for more wacky disguise and costume fun like Lisa’s as we get our Halloween costume goodies in later this month. 

Piggy Glasses

Lisa, 9yrs

Cardboard Canisters

Brothers Thomas and Henry made brobots from cardboard canisters.

They spent nearly their whole two hour session perfecting the expressions, limbs and parts from many of the popular bot bins; “Screws, Nails and Machine Parts, “Pipe Cleaners and Fluff Balls” and the underdog favorite “Clips and Brads”. Trying different pieces on for size was the best part of giving their creations personality. Their bots happy smirks show us that they were made with love and inspiration. I am sure they will all share many great adventures!


Thomas (7yrs) & Henry (4yrs)

Candy Wrappers

When these two friends visited the studio they knew they wanted to invent matching creations.Their inspiration was kick started right away when they saw a bow made from a candy wrapper  on one of the studio creations to inspire. It wasn’t long before they had  ideas for little someones to put a candy wrapper bow on! With scups of t-shirt fabric from the fabric bin some little googly eyes and the use of their drawing skills they created a batch of cuddly friends, three sweet little bunnies. Now they have matching creations and memories to share for a long time to come.


Bunny Buddies

Jordyn & Ashley

8 1/2 yrs

Cardboard Boxes

Weekly Wow! Cardboard boxes…
It’s great to be inspired by others, especially when they are your peers. To see that something they do can be possible for you to do is likely what makes our planet turn.

Sophie, Sarah and their family felt the twang of inspiration after watching Caine’s Arcade-a short film about a boy who used his imagination to create his dream arcade

A trip to CReATE helped them jump-start their inspired arcade ideas into action with a Basketball Game Box and a Soccer Game Box-I see a fun pass opportunity here!
Arcade Games
Sophie and Sarah