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Messy Toddlers Rule

Do you have a toddler who likes to get messy?

We have just the fun for you!Join us for Messy Toddler Art fun tomorrow morning from 10-11am where curiosity and exploration are the name of the game.

Messy Toddler Art Fun Tomorrow!

Join me at CReATE STUDIO tomorrow morning at 10am for our last Messy Toddler class of 2018!
Beginning January 10th we’re moving Messy Toddler Art Mornings to to Thursdays at 10am but tomorrow we’re turning socks into snow people and other messy stuff.

Fond moments.

Looking forward to messy toddler art fun tomorrow morning.
Since my kids are older now, spending a morning with little creators, exploring, trying, and generally making is just the next best thing to my time as a young mama where it was all about now.

Fun @ CReATE

This little guy was intent on getting the stick stuck.
We had fun making stick-y structures in styrofoam during Messy Toddler Art time yesterday.
These messy mornings take a break for July but get back to the business of mess on Friday, August 3rd.
Until then, it’s Camp CReATE and more!
Come play.
Call us for summer info at 818-575-9566

Messy Fun!

Looking forward to a messy morning with curious little ones at 10am at CReATE. Come play!
This quote by Maryann F. Kohl speaks to my core about the necessity of art not just for kids, but for all.


Nothing like good ol’ fashioned finger painting. Children seem so in tune with their senses and being in the now.

Bubbles Galore

Shaving cream was on todays messy toddler menu for super bubbly fun.


Messiness is about physically getting into whatever lays before you. Today was about shredded paper with paint, water, glue and curiosity. Owen got a shredded paper heart out of it too.

Happy February!

Happy February!
We’ve got a great month planned for you.
Follow our daily instagram posts with the hashtag #createhearts featuring hearts of all varieties to inspire lovingness.
We have our usual open studio time, deal times and days, Messy Toddler Art Fun, Field Trip visits, Troop visits, Machine Sewing classes, Girls Club Strong Confidence Classes, A Pinspired Night, parents Night Out, M.A.T.E.S. Steam Night, Birthday Parties, a Spotlight on YARN and Oak Parks Super Saturday!
Let’s have a lovely time creating together.

One more time…

Shining last light on styrofoam, we think of packing peanuts and the hands on play that can ensue.
If you get a delivery of styrofoam or its alter ego -a corn starch based backing material (pictured here) is even better for curious science style fun. It can fuse together with water! Go on, explore…