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Learning and making

This week we have enjoyed field trip visits from White Oak’s 2nd grade classes. Their mission with us was to make small handmade toys from recycled materials as part of their learning exploration after reading “Babu’s Song” by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen with a similar theme of creating toys with scraps and found things.
I love where learning and making colide.


Its #30daysofreuse day 18! We have to shout out to the students of Oakwood School who made awesome arthropods in a totally reuse minded way!

On the road…

Had fun with an on-campus field trip visit to a Spring YMCA camp yesterday. The campers had a blast creating, constructing and building whatever came to mind.


Creating together is fun, especially when it involves catching a Leprechaun!
Open Classroom students had the awesome task of creating Leprechaun traps during their fieldtrip to see us this week.

Happy February!

Happy February!
We’ve got a great month planned for you.
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We have our usual open studio time, deal times and days, Messy Toddler Art Fun, Field Trip visits, Troop visits, Machine Sewing classes, Girls Club Strong Confidence Classes, A Pinspired Night, parents Night Out, M.A.T.E.S. Steam Night, Birthday Parties, a Spotlight on YARN and Oak Parks Super Saturday!
Let’s have a lovely time creating together.


What a wow worthy field trip visit we had from White Oak Elementary 4th and 5th graders we had today. They created fictitious missions and early American Colonies in collaborative groups with impressive features and details, all with scraps of this and bits of that.


We felt like we were surrounded by architects and builders during the 3rd grade field trip from White Oak Elementray School. The students built homes for a variety of Native American tribes by making Aps, Ti Pi’s, Summer Houses, Wig Wams and Long Houses. They were awesome!

Creative Meet-Up.

We enjoyed a visit from Amgen’ s Transitions group for relocating families. 

It was a great way to meet new friends and connect with a community business through  creativity. Painting, decorating, building and all around making made for a hands on fun for all.

Cool July Fun

We’re excited to get July underway with you. We aim to provide easy, breezy creative outlets for you this month with our signature open-ended art, our Fab monthly Pinspired Night, our Girls Club Confidence & Creativity summer themed workshops, An awesome Parents Night Out for kids and our Camp CReATE half day camp series with daily themed hands on exploration fun. All set in a cool climate at our studio.

So, grab the gang and head to CReATE all summer long. We can’ t wait to help you let your imaginations fly!