Yearly Archives: 2013

Material of the week 12/30-1/5/14

Plastic Bowls
Once food containers for microwave meals, now potential flying saucers, bird baths, or whatever you want them to be.

Molded Plastic

Ever wonder what the strange molded plastic packaging from a purchased item can be? Zack thought a Jet Pack made sense. He and his mom spent their studio time exploring the many options the jet pack could entail and it was fun by all accounts.
They put just about everything on the pack minus the kitchen sink. CD’s, felt scraps, juice lids, a carabiner, an apple sauce lid, hard drives, a pin and lots of other stuff made the cut so Zack could step into fantasy play and travel to far off planets with a flick of his imagination.

Jet Pack

Weekly Wow!

It’s an extra wow when we get a donation from a business that is looking to find a re-user for a material that is not recyclable but has so much potential.

Skyworks in Newbury park receives giant foam squares weekly from goods that are shipped from another of their facilities. What an awesome material!

With a little ingenuity some of the foam squares became sleek, soft armor. After all, wearable, functional art is where it’s at. Playing in this suit will no doubt bring hours of exploration, laughter and foster even more imagination to keep the wheels of invention turning…

Holiday crafting

Cooper’s hand crafted cards for Mommy, Daddy, Pappa and Sabba will surely warm hearts and be fondly saved for years to come. Using blank cards, wrapping paper, markers and glue she took such pride in creating each card specifically for the person she made it for. Just lovely.

Holiday Cards




Corks are like building blocks, they take on whatever they are a part of with ease. They can be the stones of a structure, components of a sculpture or in this case bodies for little ladies. They remind me of the little Fisher Price People from my childhood.

At a birthday party for Grace this weekend several of the girls got inspired to make cork ladies. ¬†They were anywhere from 5- 8 years old but found such a common thread in this creative endeavor. Fabric, embroidery floss and a few bits of this and that turned a plain wine cork into a pretty lady in no time. Ah, what it is to be a kid…

Crafty Saturday at CReATE

I love the days that ooze creativity at the studio, yes, that is most days being that crafty is our business. But, somedays are magically crafty, where every creation is off the charts fun, imaginative, maybe a little sparkly and yes, crafty. It reminds me that we all, at every age have ideas, inspirations, and explorations just waiting to unfold and some days, like yesterday it all erupts in unison.



I am so excited to be collaborating with Westlake Elementary on our campus pilot, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS. We made campus collections of many un-wanted/ un-needed materials and supplies and got them organized in CReATE’s fashion . Now they are back on the WLE campus, raring to be re-used, re-thought, re-invented and re-juvenated into the stuff of inventors, scientists, artists, collaborators and all the possibilities in between.

Moving on…

As we near the move to our new free flowing creative environment the excitement is mounting. More workspace, a bathroom of our own, and storage for our welcomed material donations makes sense. We are growing, evolving and ready for change- the ultimate creative endeavor.

Change is good.