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painted rocks

This summer make painting rocks top notch on your activity list, but that’s not all. Let painting rocks lead to continued family fun.
Explore our list of activities for added learning, playing, exploring, connecting and discovering this summer. Let them continue throughout the summer to truly enjoy the simple gifts they have to offer.

  • Learn about the history of painting- who painted first? Hint- they used rocks.
  • Learn about how rocks are formed by the earth and what rocky varieties there are.
  • Paint rocks to create games like tic-tac-toe or hop scotch that can be played throughout the summer.
  • Turn your painted rocks into a garden sculpture for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.
  • Hide your painted rocks around the neighborhood for other people to find. Use a sharpie to mark the back of your rocks with the city you live in such as @westlakevillagerocks
  • Try painting rock pets that each family member can care for over the summer. Talk about those processes over dinner.

The great thing about painting rocks is how it’s fun for any age. All these activities are thoughtfully made with toddlers to seniors in mind.
I hope they create feel good summer memories for your family.


Rock it!

Looking forward to hosting our good vibes rock painting event in partnership with @girlsclubstrong.
We’ve got @Westlake Village Rocks rock painting fun tonight at Westlake Village City Hall before their T.G.I.F Disney Under the Stars event from 6-7pm. Come paint a rock to leave somewhere around for someone else to find.
Your rock could really make someone else’s day.

Community Fun!

Come paint rocks with us this Saturday between 10am-12pm at CReATE STUDIO. Girls Club Strong and CReATE host this FREE community event to paint rocks to hide around our communities and spread good vibes.


#thirtydaysofthanks day 21 is about the phenomenon of rock painting to share kindness. 

It’s the simple things that brings the greatest joy and doing something nice like painting a rock with a positive message for someone else is just that.

@Westlakevillagerocks we love this kindness vibe!!

Spread positivity.

Let’s Rock!

Join CReATE STUDIO  and  Girls Club Strong for FREE rock painting fun at the Westlake Village City Celebration today to spread good vibes in our community!


Kindness took off as CReATE STUDIO and Girls Club Strong helped launch the city of Agoura Hills new kindness in the  community rock painting campaign.
Keep an eye out for some of these fun rock creations as they hit the city this week.

We Love October!

We are so excited that it’s October!

We’ve got great things planned so be sure to spend some creative time with us.

In addition to drop-in D.I.Y. creating we have a new feature at CReATE where we’ll be spotlighting one of our core material themes with ideas, inspirations and a top or two. This month we’re spotlighting paper and it’s many uses in creative expression. Take a look at our Ociber banner here and you’ll see it’s versatility in this one project alone!

We’ll be on the road a bit this month, spending a weekend at The City of Agoura Hills Reyes Adobe Days to spark creativity as well as Westlake Village’s City Celebration with our @WestlakeVillageRocks good vibes rock painting. We’ll be at E.A.R.T.H.S Magnet for spooky fun too.

We have our awesome lineup of creative outlets in Two for One Tuesdays, Easy Project Wednesdays, Homeschool Thursdays, Machine Sewing, Girls Club Strong, Messy Toddler Art  Fun, Birthday Parties, Troop visits, Spotlight on Paper, Try-it Cart fun with Oil Pastels, Featured Material of The Week items and a FREE Crafty Happy Hour this Friday from 3-5. 
Let’s get our creativity flowing starting today with Two for One Tuesday where two CReATE to the price of one, that’s extra fun!

Flower Power

My niece stopped by our CReATE booth at The First Neighborhood 50th Anniverary party to paint a good vibes rock for our @Westlake Village Rocks campaign on Facebook. Flower power rocks! 

Thanks for participating Nicole!

Rock on…

More fun rocks heading for easy finding around town. Look for these neat rocks and some from White Oak Elementary students who love to share a fun message and hide them 🙂

We have a Rockin’ community!

You have a rockin’ community too so start painting rocks in your area to spread kindness and love wider and farther.

@Westlake Village Rocks 

So excited to be on the campus of White Oak Elementary today. We are going to rock some school spirit and spread good vibes on campus to kick off the new school year!  Let us know if you want us to “rock” your campus!