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Let’s Share Kindness

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!
Stop by CReATE STUDIO for a free workshop between 1-3pm today to make “Kindness Clips”- clothespins with kind words and messages to leave at the places you go!
Your act of kindness is sure to spark kindness in others too.

Soulful Read

“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron is the last of our e-newsletter must-have book recommendations this month. This book is THE soul searching creative work book. If you’re looking for answers to inner questions or a new direction it’s a must-read!
I have sought the wisdom it reveals a few times over the last 20 years since I discovered it and I can honestly say it has moved me in new directions and put pieces of my personal life puzzle together.
Get your hands on a copy and when you do, see if theres a meet-up or book club group to go through it with, it’s an invaluable way to connect with others while your connect with yourself.

It’s Winter!

Happy First Day of Winter from all of us at CReATE STUDIO!

I am processing.

I recently visited Borderline Memorial. I was so touched by the love and community essence that enveloped it. I had never been to a memorial before. It was profoundly personal to me. There were stories and accounts and prayers for each of the victims and so many hand-made treasures that I felt came from the deepest places of love. Art heals. There were hand crafted pieces contributed by people out of state as well as local artists too.
I thought about the victims that I don’t know personally but I have gotten to know just a little through stories and this memorial. I have been thinking about Borderline since it happened. I have been reconciling the event in my mind and of all the other shootings we’ve heard about and been affected by. Visiting the memorial left me feeling that I had to create something- a way to contribute to honoring the loss and building the foundation of love that had been created. I reached out to my friend Alison and asked if she wanted to create something with me because I knew that she had been processing grief and loss about Borderline. She and I got together and collaborated on a project to contribute to the memorial and to heal our own hearts. It was healing indeed and something we could do. It was an opportunity for us to process the magnitude of Borderline and the weight on our community. I had heard it many times in my life but now I have an experience to draw from and to heal as a member of our community. Art heals indeed.
We created the art on a piece of wood that used to be part of our counter at the studio so it had a chalkboard finish. Alison and I thought that could be a space for more healing as we are an entire community trying to process this event and explore how to grow forward. If you see our piece out there we hope it helps you heal too.

Happy December!

We’re off to a great start with birthday celebrating and this sleek looking paper plate Wyvern Dragon. One plate cut just the right way makes this ancient creature and sparks resourcefulness in our creators.

We have a creative month in store for you with our Pinspired Project Night on the 7th, Parents Night Out on the 8th, Paint Pouring on the 14th, and our collaborative half day Artys Yoga Camp with @littlefoxyoga to name a few.
Let the creative reuse fun begin!


Family Activity

We have one last Spotlight on Natural Things to share before November ends. On this fall day make a family moment to head outside for a walk and look for an item from nature; a pinecone, a branch or a leaf and really look at it. You’ll see order and intricate details that must be magical. It is the simple things that make life sweet.

Creating Connection

I was listening to Danielle LaPorte on audio this morning as she talked about tuning into how we want to feel. As I thought about it and pulled up to work I was reminded of one of my Whys for starting the studio. It was because I wanted to make a place where people could connect. I have to go deeper here, that desire was sparked on a visit to LACMA with my girls one afternoon. The whole kids museum was so in-line with where my head was at with it’s various interactive¬† Recycling exhibits, the creations people left behind in the d.i.y art area and the harmony I felt as grandmas and grandpas, friends, parents and kids spent time making cardboard creations. There was harmony and there was connection. It took my breath away to see how so many different people shared commonality in the hands-on process of creating.
I loved sharing time with my girls that afternoon as we lingered over materials and I noticed the nuances of people spending time together. I think I have spent time every day since then, the summer of 2008 thinking about connection and how I can create the space that nurtures it.
Come and spend some time with us, we may chat you up, we will let you be and we will look to create a spark of connection for you to nurture for yourselves and those you love. Time continues on, seasons change but our connections make everything worth while.


The Re Odyssey

When I am posting on social media and hashtagging words, I wind up including lots of words that start with Re. That lead me on a thinking odyssey, I can put a “re” in front of tons of words that connect to creativity and get a descriptive match to our creative reuse sensibilities!
When kids and adults recycle by reusing they are applying these R’s and that’s exactly the things we need to be doing not just in art but in an everyday way!
When it comes to recycling it’s all about the “Re”.
Try applying it to the things you don’t want any more. It’s good food for thought.

A Paint Night at CReATE!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 10th for a special Paint Night with @thepaintery_com. She will lead a paint night here at the studio, bringing along everything you need to paint a beautiful painted canvas!
CReATE STUDIO October 10th
Book your shot here:


Pour It On!

Looking forward to tonight’s Paint Pouring class with Instructor, Alison Mytych who leads this awesome exploration odyssey into the magic of simply pouring paint.
CReATE STUDIO 6:30-9:30pm
Spots still available, sign up at