Yearly Archives: 2014

Weekly WOW!

Paper seemed to be the inspiration for Mia’s mini super hero paper doll.
She spent her CReATE time detailing this little man with everything he would need to save the day, including a watch so he can get there on time!

Super Dude

Material of the Week 12/29-1/4

Bright Green Cardstock!
Such a happy color, this material is sure to ignite big ideas this week.
Let’s see what it becomes…

Fond Wishes

Hoping you and yours have had a wonderful holiday season filled with love and laughter. May the coming year shine brightly in the spirit  of abundance and joy. We look forward to sharing many fond moments with you in 2015.

Hashtag Highlight #32

Whew, what fun we had creating and spotting natures creations throughout the week. We found peace, got frosty, smelled rosy, played ball, made clever cardboard namesakes and had a visit from Santa @createstudio on instagram.

Weekly WOW!

Nothing says Happy Birthday to a Mommy like pretty flowers.
When a father and son came to the studio to make a birthday gift, they went over a variety of crafty considerations but that’s what they decided.
But, how?
They discussed, they formulated and they gathered. They were thoughtful and inspired by their love for mom. When they were done they had created this enchanting vase of paper flowers that says from their hearts, We Love You.

Material of the Week 12/22-12/28

Linoleum Samples!
Fun flooring samples a can lay colorful groundwork to our ever expanding creativity…

Material of the Week 12/15-12/21

Foam Brushes!
They’re not just for painting anymore, or at least for this week.

Due to an abundantly bountiful donation, we thought it would be fun to use some for art in another way, through the outta the box ideas we often at CReATE.
What else will these brushes be…

Hashtag Highlight #31

This week brought a fresh air view, a peep-hole view, a mini machine, a used paper plate and a tiny angel. Lots of fun @createstudio

Weekly WOW!

All it took was the sight of a plastic helmet to ignite this knightly concept (complete with cardboard sword).
The mother/son duo had a blast becoming costume designers, looking through the costumes bins for all things pleather and cool. The way they worked the pieces they found was impressive, creating all the protective parts a knight might need when out on the town with his crew.

Knight in Pleather
Mother & Son