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It’s a good time to be us

S.T.E.A.M., S.T.E.M., Whole Child, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Self Confidence, Process, Leadership, Creative Play, Collaboration and Innovation. These are words I hear a lot around the subject of children, especially connected to education.

Woo Hoo! We connect with all of them! At CReATE STUDIO and CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS we connect reuse with creativity and find it naturally matches up to these words, phrases and acronyms, organically.

I was talking to a teacher at one of our C.O.Y.C. schools and she shared that she noticed two boys creating walkie talkies from empty crayon boxes during their Art at Recess through our program. They had a whole story and imaginative experience going on with just few recycled campus materials. It’s a good time to do what you’re doing she said. It totally floats my boat to see kids create then play with what they make. When she described what she saw them doing I could see it too.
In the process of making and imagining kids are tapping into their own learning wells. They have skills to apply of of the terms I listed above. When they get excited or inspired these skills come into play and kids get engaged. I am excited about what we are doing at the studio and in schools. It’s creating a pathway for bright thinkers with the simplest materials.
The future is looking bright from here.

Jemma W.

Creativity is in the air

We’re excited to be bringing our non-profit, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS to partnering schools this fall. That means creativity will be flowing more freely on campuses we work with and you know we LOVE opportunities to foster creativity.

Bringing our reuse program to campuses means we set them up to put recycling into action by reusing campus cast-off materials for artistic outlets in creative exploration. Saving things they were once thought of as cast-offs makes them a raw material to create with and we know how well that works at create so schools get a win/win result for their participation.

It is so exciting to see what kids create with just a few basic items like cardboard, paper and some tape.  We know that exercising their creative muscles helps kids develop their thoughts and ideas through trouble shooting, problem solving and critical thinking. We found an article by  Serena O’Connor , the Head of Art at Walden School in the UK brings this value home. She expresses the need creative outlets for students and that art an important component of filling that need. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why at CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS we’re on a mission to connect kids with creativity, one recycled material at a time.
Learn more about our non-profit CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS


CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS is our non-profit affiliate, an organization geared toward bringing self sustaining reuse habits and practices to school campuses for end use in creative ways through art and curriculum core avenues. We have been official since 2014 and slowly, organically blazing our trail onto school campuses. This year we are slated to be on five area campuses and we’re excited. The majority of our campuses utilize our program for art-at-lunch which means that students can use their free time at lunch to create and we think that is AWESOME! New ideas can take time to grow and we are ok with that as a board of six women who have other careers and families to raise too.
We believe in what we’re doing in helping schools reuse and we believe even more in the benefits reusing has for the students themselves. Over the years in this regard I have thought of the quote, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him forever. Lao Tzu
Reusing things is the right thing to do, it’s just and it’s kind. It is what we stand for and what we hope to share in the great Conejo Valley and far, far beyond.
Keep an eye on CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS through the new C.O.Y.C. tab on the CReATE STUDIO home page that we’re developing to link the studio and the organization.


Going through oodles of dried out markers we collected from our CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS connections. We’ll send them on to @crayola where they will become fuel through their Color Cycle program. That’s resourceful!


This month as we spotlight Wood we think from our non profit’s (C.O.Y.C.) perspective we think about wood on campuses.

You might ask what would wood be doing on school campuses? Well, how about pencils that have been used so much they are too short to sharpen or write with. They can become a campus material that’s great for reuse as part of a science project or maker contraption. Kids are so smart, they’ll come up with awesome creations we are sure.


This is what we love and what we aim in our non-profits mission, to facilitate opportunities for re-use materials to help students bring their big ideas to life in super resourceful ways.