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Happy May!

I look forward to bringing a creative month to my community this May through preschool enrichment classes, after-school enrichment classes, CReATE dates, machine sewing classes, and a Family Art Day with CMATO.
Coming in June our camp line-up begins.
All the studio happenings can be found on or through the Happenings page.
I can’t wait to create with you!
Jemma W.

Dinner Talk

When I talk to parents whose kids are creating with me, I find myself telling them to put their child’s creation at the center of the dinner table. Let their creation be a conversation starter for dinner talk. They can tell you about the materials they used, the ideas they had and how it was constructed. Art is always a great conversation starter. Conversations make connections deeper and who better to really connect with than family. You will all enjoy talking together and make memories that last. Your kids will likely hold similar conversations with their kids when they grow up too.

Jemma W.

Let’s Create!

It’s our goal to create with you. To bring creativity to you through the reuse of recycled materials. Every day is our Earth Day and it’s also our imagination day too, where kids create from their own imaginings.

Let’s create! Being mobile means people don’t always know how to connect with us for the creative experiences they know us for without the physical studio they’ve known for so long. We’re right here, connectable for creative time through our website as well as through our weekly posts on Instagram, our weekly newsletter emails, and uploaded YouTube videos featuring our Spotlight materials twice a month. Visit our happenings page to see our events and happenings. We want to spend creative time with you. Let’s connect and create!

Jemma W.

Happy Earth Month

I love April. It’s springtime, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and a fair amount of focus points to Earth day. I say, happy Earth month!

Earth day is April 22nd, for a period of time, recycling and reuse are the talk of the town. It feels like a birthday, a time to celebrate and remember. To remember what we have and how to care for it, mindfully with our interactions with things.

This month we spotlight Metal, we also share our #30daysofreuse coloring calendar, I have also been making YouTube videos with project prompts as part of our creating-at-home series. I generally sing from the hilltops about reuse through creativity. Creativity is an aspect of our thinking and intuition, a part of how we express ourselves. Reuse strikes me as a perfect partner in the process of creating.

I am so glad to have you with us in this season and all others where I will continue to sing this song in the hopes that the tune will be catchy and your family will want to sing along.

In a Jiff

You can make a Leprechaun house trap in a jiff with just a few materials you already have.

With the Pandemic, we all seem to be living more in the moment with less plan-ahead time. Holidays like St Patrick’s Day are suddenly sneaking up on us without the usual school activities to keep us reminded.

St Patrick’s Day was always a holiday my girls enjoyed with green milk in their cereal, golden chocolate coins that would appear, and the Leprechaun Trap that capped it all.

In case your kids aren’t getting in the St. Patty zone at school you can do it at home with an easy starter house for Leprechaun trapping. Use an old shoebox to make an easy Leprechaun House that you can turn into a Trap!

  • Grab an empty shoebox and any stray cardboard you have handy.
  • Cut or remove the lid from the shoebox.
  • Use the lid to make a roof by leaving the length of the lid, and cutting its width that’s as wide as the box, then fold in half to make a pitched roof and glue or tape the ends down to the sides at the top of the shoebox.
  • If you have extra cardboard, cut a piece that is as deep as the box and 2 inches wider, then fold an inch down on each side and tape or glue the folded ends to the inside of the box as pictured. This shelf would be a great place to cut out a trap door!
  • Now, the house is ready to be embellished and detailed with trappings as your creator wishes.

Order can now be restored and the fun of this green holiday can live on as it has been remembered in years past.

Jemma W.

A Darling Women

When asked about a women I admire or feel influenced by I go to my grandmother, Aleen Snyder, who I affectionately named Darling.

Growing up in the 70’s, I had heard about women gaining powerful stances through commercials, advertisements and television shows but men were still very much in the lead in everything from my view.

Early on, Darling was my power source for creativity. She taught me how to sew on machine, follow a pattern, doodle an impressive swan from the letter L and sing a round of “Mares Eat Oats” so fast, no one knew what the words were. She was a master of reuse in the most subtle ways, keeping and displaying the broken and chipped things she loved the most. She was accepting. She let me be me.

I had other important women influencing me, my mom and my aunt, both birthed by Darling. They were and are artsy and creative in their own unique ways but she was our source.

I have thought of Darling often over the years with CReATE STUDIO. I see her touch in so much of what I do with it.

Today is International Women’s Day, this month is Women in History month. If I am asked about who inspires me, who I look up to? It’s my Darling. She paved the way for my creativity to shine.

Jemma W.
Owner/Founder- CReATE STUDIO

Spotlight On Wood

Each month we focus on one of our more commonly reused materials.
This month we spotlight wood and many of the forms we see at CReATE.

Throughout the month we’ll explore where wood comes from, how materials are made, how it’s recycled, what we are creating with it on YouTube, and what artists are making with it too.

All the materials we focus on have a back story. They came from the earth somehow. Our Spotlight program is our way of honoring them, where they began and all they become along the way, even when they are aligned for single use.

Let’s Take A Trip

Have you been to Watts Towers? I have lived in Los Angeles nearly all my life and I still have yet to go. It’s an iconic Los Angeles Landmark location that is all about art. Its 17 Tower structures speak to my “use what you have to create” nature.

Since the Pandemic started I have had more time to think about the places I have long wanted to visit in So Cal but, many are closed, including Watts Towers. I visited the Watts Towers website and got an idea, they offer a virtual tour! Now, I can go, at least in part, so why not invite you to come along. It’s an opportunity to explore some LA culture and history with a peek into their arts community.

Let’s go! Click here to go to the Watts Towers virtual tour page on their website. Click here to learn the history of the Tower’s creations. Let’s saunter through the Towers and take it all in. I think we’ll feel refreshed, a little more curious, and a lot more creative.

See you there,
Jemma W.
Owner/ Founder

*Photo credit Watts Towers

It’s The Little Things

I find it’s the little things that make a space feel good. Sure, the furniture is an anchor to a space but “God is in the details” as the saying goes. That is to say, the good is in the details.

Since deciding to transition CReATE to a mobile pop-up format I have been thinking of details and how I could bring them to a new outdoor version of the studio. It’s the little things that made the indoor studio space special. It’s the little things, the details that will do the same for our pop-up studio too. For practical reasons these details also need to be easy to include as each event is a set-up and tear-down process.

This is where I get to explore my creativity, in the little things. I love to marry the practical needs of something with fun. With CReATE the task is creating the feeling and spirit of the studio in various outdoor settings. As my daughter Maisy says, I am looking for casual magic.

Every time I bring CReATE to a home and pop-up the studio, I am excited to explore how this casual magic works now and how it can grow. We are out not just thinking outside the box here, we are physically of the box now too.

I’ve always known that boxes were created to be temporary.

Here’s to Art Journaling

Art Journaling with CMATO yesterday was so rewarding to be a part of. As a Family Art Day session on Zoom we had a wide range of ages participating from our own backyard here in the Conejo as well as back East and beyond.

Art journaling offered us all place to connect with one another and explore it’s concept. We talked about feelings and fears, doodles and Joy’s along with our hands on making. It bonded us. Here, I share a simple way to make a journal-ette from folded copy paper. I appear alone though thanks to zoom I am with many friends.

Talking candidly while making was cathartic. I think the process left us all feeling a little lighter.

We’re excited to offer a second Art Journaling session for the next Famliy Art Day in February.

Mark your calendars and save the date for Saturday, February 20th at 2pm pst. This is a free event to attend on zoom. If you weren’t able to join us this month we hope to see you in February. The sign-up link coming soon and will be posted on our Happenings Page. When you sigh up we’ll provide a list of recyclable materials and supplies to collect at home for our additional Art Journaling time together.

I am really looking forward to it.

Jemma W.
Owner/ Founder