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We come to you

We think it’s great.

Mobile making with CReATE is our new approach to art into our community.

Yesterday I provided a small social distance gathering for one of our CReATE Families and a few neighborhood kids who’d spent the last few months together.

It was so good to start creating again, watching kids explore materials that inspired them, then creating to their hearts content. They were busy and engaged throughout my time with them which felt like we had never stopped creating together.

When our time together done I was talking to the host parent. He wondered if I needed to bring all the things that I did? “it’s my goal to provide you a studio experience at home”., he replied, “oh, you have done that”. What may seem like a simple response from him felt like a huge compliment for my efforts to bring families and the community at large the studio we’ve always known studio four walls.

Anywhere four wheels can go we’ll be there to provide a creative experience. Whether it be outside, in the shade, under the stars or even indoors I am excited about where we can be. Fresh air is a favorite of mine and a huge part of my mobile inspiration, a little like art in nature.

On the Move

At Least in spirit.

Our wheels aren’t rolling just yet but we’ve got forward creative momentum. “Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out”-Unknown.

We are excited to partner with the City of Malibu and our friends at Little Fox Yoga to bring artful yoga fun to little ones later this month. We’re continuing our Eco Art Zoom workshops through the end of June and posting weekly creating at home projects on YouTube too. We’re also hosting our annual Camp CReATE summer camp weeks, in July in partnership with the City of Agoura Hills.

Before long we hope to get back to celebrating birthdays, hosting Family Fun experiences at Libraries and Museums and eventually school campus activities.

We’ll all get back to many of the good things we love over time. For now though we at CReATE plan to roll with the flow in spirit at first and then, with all wheels on the ground. Check out out happenings page for up to date events and experiences we’ll be traveling to.

Learn more about our mobile story here.


We have been in a Covid 19 swirl of change, loss, sickness, growth, uncertainty and creativity for the last two plus months.

The pandemic has certainly been a force behind our mobile “pivot”, as Ross Geller of Friends would say. I realize that patience is our calling as phase two of California’s reopening process unfolds.

I am anxious to start creating again but the time is not quite right. Our nerves are tender, we’re feeling cautious. I’ll be ready when our families can gather, our rec facilities can reopen and we’ll feel ready to reassemble in some revised way. CReATE will be there, on the go and popping up to share creative time with our communities. I am excited for that time but patient for the process as we continue to take things one day at a time.

In the meantime we’ll continue to see one another virtually. I am grateful for that option and always warm hearted at the sights, sounds and prospects of kids and families creating together.
Learn more about our mobile pivot here.

Jemma W. Owner

Today is a gift

So let’s make one.

Whenever I feel uncertain about things I look to quotes for comfort. There is always something that speaks to brighter days that lifts me up. Today as I pondered some of my favorite quotes, I came to this jewel by Eleanor Roosevelt. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That is why they call it the present.”

She always knew what to say and this quote is no exception. As we navigate this uncharted time I appreciate her poignant quote. In fact, it inspired me to think win win. Here’s an opportunity to enjoy the gift of today and make a gift today for someone else! That’ll be three gifts on one. The gift of the day itself, the gift of giving and the gift of receiving a gift!

One of the things I loved to do as a child was to make gifts for my parents and friends. Today my fellow parents, your kids can too. The feeling from creating for someone will have a lasting effect of goodness and the day will have proven itself to indeed be a gift.

Creating is such a useful avenue of self expression. Eleanor shared her creativity with us in the way she used her words and more. I hope her words inspire your family to. Make this day a gift to share.

Jemma W.

I’m Rooted

The strength in me comes from the roots of my women.

I think of the month of May as one big Mothers Day.
Reflecting on being a mother and having a mother are always the thoughts I begin with. Today though, I got to thinking of more of the women in my life and those who were gone when I got here.

They have helped to shape me. My Mother, Aunt and daughters are kin, but women of our pasts and of their pasts, and their pasts pasts are where it began. Every one of them have had some influence over who I am today.

I relish the idea of these women, one of whom in the early 1900’s made cough syrup from an onion for her children because it was practical, who cleaned counter tops with lye because it worked. These women were strong. Roots for who we could be in the years ahead because they heeded the advice of their mothers, aunts and cousins.

In this slowed down time I can ponder the wisdom, power and intention of the women in my family who have always done what needed doing any time of day or night. As the generations became more contemporary these women rooted to their histories to grow their own personal powers to work in male dominant fields.

Because of all of the efforts of the women in my family I can be a woman (with an incomplete college education) who started a business in my garage because I dreamed it.

I hope to pass on the roots that were deepened for me to my girls. The history of the ladies in our family line is the footing they use to go forward on their paths.

What a gift.
Jemma W.

Big News!

It’s official!
We’re taking our studio on the road full time in a mobile pop-up format.
Instead of coming to us, we come to you for birthday parties, field trips, camps, community events, workshops, tinkering time and so much more.
The sky’s the limit now!

We’re Open

We’re open even though we’re not “open”.

CReATE is about so much more than the physical space that must have doors closed as a non-essential business entity and way more than a physical studio space in general.

This Pandemic era reminds me that doors to walk through are actually a smaller part of what we’re about. CReATE is about creativity for kids and families. The value of reuse to connect to creativity and the environment. Creating a shift in how we recycle at home, weaving a reuse mindset through households, schools and communities. We become creative explorers in this way.

Right now, CReATE is using some of our core methods to reach you through our our website, email newsletter and fun Eco Craft Kits. We’ve folded in a few new ways through the sharing weekly YouTube videos  with easy at-home DIY eco craft projects and Zoom Scavenger Hunt workshops for kids at home.

We’re working on something new and great for CReATE which we’ll announce this Friday. Stay tuned and keep creating!

As mentioned, we are working on something new and great for CReATE which we’ll announce this Friday. Stay tuned and keep creating with us.

Jemma Wildermuth

Opportunity to Pause

I feel like the universe has pressed pause and that’s a good thing.

COVID 19 has certainly changed our lives, at least for the time being. It’s been challenging to say the least but I can’t help but feel that the Universe has pressed pause for us all. The air is cleaner, the rivers are clearer, the nature is blooming. We’ve been told to step to the side of the lives we’ve been living. I see an amazing opportunity here.

They say that on the road to happiness one should pause to take stock along the way. Are we going the right way toward our happiness goals? Job, Family, Community?

I feel curious in this stillness. In my pause, I reflect, what I have been doing, how I have been living has been well intentioned for my goal but slightly off the mark I set long ago. It’s ok though. Thats what this time seems to be for- refection. Have I ever had a chance like this before? Have any of us?

Thank you for pressing the pause button Universe. We must have really needed it.

30 Days of Reuse

As we are all in the stay-at-home mode we’ve got a great creative resource for a whole month of fun!

Explore our 30 Days of Reuse calendar with tips and ideas for creating at home every day with things you already have! The calendar is even a coloring page for the doodlers in your home.

We kick of the month with news print clothing on day one. Use the Sunday paper to make a shirt, skirt, hat or accessory. All you need is newsprint (wrapping paper, tissue paper or regular paper work great too.) and tape or a stapler for fastening pieces together.

The whole family can CReATE something to wear-then flaunt it all with a mini fashion show!

This is a time for resourcefulness and creativity. Our 30 Day Calendar is a great way to tap into those skills for fun.

We would love to see what you make. Tag us on Instagram @createstudio

Quote this!

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have.” – Unknown

This is true on so many levels these days. Now is a good time to take stock in the good we have around us. That is where our roots lie, in this goodness.