Summer Fun Activities

The novelty of Summer can wear us out just a few days after school gets out! Try out my five summer fun activity options to keep kids busy and help your kids connect with their creativity. Prepare for them now so they are ready and waiting in the wings whenever you need them.

  • Boredom Jar– Sit down with the family to pick some at-home activities they can do this summer and put them on slips of paper to go in the jar! They can decorate the jar now or later as part of the activity!
  • Ingredients and directions for making Salt Dough, a great dough with just 3 ingredients to play with, create characters with or use to create ornaments or decorations to bake and paint!
  • Fill a bin or basket with recyclables and stock with a few rolls of making tape and scissors. Store it away until you need a break.
  • Let the kids “Yarn Bomb” a room! Pre-buy or set aside a skein of yarn per child who will participate then on the day you need some time, tell them the room and any restrictions like closets or fragile things to avoid as well as borders they can cross. Let them tie off the start of the strings and wrap up the room, under legs, over tables and around chairs! When they are done, give them each scissors to cut it all down and save the string for future creative fun!
  • Save a clear pasta sauce or other jar and clean and remove any labels. Have the recipe, jar and baking supplies to make Chocolate Cookie in a Jar mix in a pinch! Then you’ll have a hostess gift or, gift for a favorite neighbor.

As parents, sometimes it’s our being prepared for anything skills that can win the day and make the happiest memories for our families.
Jemma W.