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A CReATive Space

Like all creations on the wall of wow at the studio or at home for display on your mantle , CReATE started as an idea. 

Today it is a place that warms my heart as I hear and see a continuous stream of oohs, ahhs and giggles of proud delight in the process of each creators fostering  of their own ideas. That is true joy.

CReATE wishes you all a happy, healthy year filled with wonder and possibility with family and friends.

Happy New Year!

Twist Ties



I hear adults say all the time “I’m not creative”, but what does that mean? The ability to call a new idea to action in the flash of an eye?

I see creativity everywhere, in everyone. Look at this little tree, no taller than my hand- completely made of twist ties! Maybe that is what creativity can be, seeing possibility. We are only a thought away from that.

This little tree can remind us all as adults raising families, creating futures and doing daily chores that we all have a spark within us. Maybe we will look at twist ties in a new way the next time we fill our bag of apples. Possibility…

The Little Tree

Kristen, Adult

A Sock

Who doesn’t love a wintery snowman? Especially in sunny California.

This weeks workshop had snowmen abounding, creating chilly smiles all around. Creating one is such a simple pleasure, with a new white sock, a bit of material, a few buttons, a lid for balance, some dried beans to weight them in place and you are all set. Olivia made hers for some special teachers in her life.

They are sure to be loved.

Musical Snowmen

Olivia, 10yrs

Coffee Filters and more

It’s the everyday that often make the extraordinary stand out. taking something as plain as a coffee filter and converting it to a delicate butterflies wings is exactly that!

Many families joined us in creating butterflies for the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas durning the month of November and create they did using coffee filters, tape, cardboard tubes, goggly eyes, plastic containers and of course, glitter!

Creating these simple creatures reminds us of the remarkable human spirit the blossoms within each of us.

This week those beautiful creatures will make their way to Houston to join with thousands of other hand made butterflies as part of a grande display called the Butterfly Project to honor the children who perished during the Holocaust. 


To learn more visit



Now that the holiday season is moving into full swing, the flurry of creativity and tradition are bringing a little extra joy to the studio.

Here Sophie and her Mom decided to create a Hanukkah decoration with an interactive pocket for treats, tiny gifts or notes to add something fun and new to their holiday traditions. Maybe each year they would make a new dreidel to add to the collection to create a banner of pretty memories. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized Pocket Deidels

 Sophie and Mom



Have you ever had one inspired thought that lead you to another? It is not uncommon when you get caught up in the moment and your surroundings. Working with a mound of clay which quicky became a skateboard ramp Jack had that chain reaction of inspiration, a ramp needs a board!

In his imagination there must be scale, a small ramp needs a small board but what?…

After settling on a small piece of cardboard he chose beads for wheels! Finding silver beads made this little tech deck look like a high end board, perfect for all the tricks he could think to do.

 I have a feeling that hours of fun lay ahead.


Jack, 8yrs


Boxes are so easy to have fun with. They can be nearly anything you desire. For one Ladies Night group they are a safe place to put written thoughts, worries and wishes made personal and special by the lovely group of women sharing this evening a CReATE.

Look closely and you will find sentiments of encouragement and beauty as individual as the woman who made them. Using all kinds of boxes from shoe to gift and lots of MOD PODGE too these beautiful boxes speak for themselves. There are feathers and seashells, wall paper and sand, scrapbook paper and leather, gold leaf and fancy trim placed thoughtfully to fulfill each makers inner artist. The finished product delighted even the most skeptical creator and everyone went home with a smile.


Safe Boxes

Adult Women







Who doesn’t love a little pet birdie, especially one that can go wherever you go!

Ashland saw a little bird on display in the studio that inspired her to make her own, but how? 

First, a plast egg for shaping, then feathers of course! How about some tiny puff balls for eyes and pipe cleaners for feet! Yes! Now the cute birdie is finished and drawing gasps of awe from all.

So cute!


Ashland, 9 yrs

A Pumpkin

With Halloween upon us, what better crafting templet than a pumpkin!

Here students from St Jude  the Apostle Catholic School in Westlake Village made themed pumpkins for a school contest.

Using clothing and accessories from the seasonal costume bins along with a few of their own embellishments theses kids created some super kooky pumpkins!

And as an added bonus, since these creations were school appointed projects, St Jude will get $ back as part of CReATE’s Win/Win project too!

A Poster


At CReATE we tend to find new expressions for used things , creating endless potential for a second life.

These days young painters at the studio are enjoying the reverse sides of an old run of Pokemon posters.

They make fabulous canvases, perfect for large visions such as this one taking shape as a beautiful garden.

Garden Scene

Julia, 3yrs