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Sometimes science meets art. That’s what is on Grayson’s mind anyway. Spotting a liter soda bottle sparked a thought about movement. If he created a vehicle that was able to move, he could add a few ingredients to make it go. The wheels of the plane are bottle caps that roll along at a nice pace, the cardboard axle secures them and the cork keeps the fluid in long enough to get ¬†an ingredient reaction going.

Rolling Plane

Grayson 11yrs

A Feather Boa

There’s something about black feathers that just speaks spooky. That’s just what Holly thought too. Since she is going to be a Vampiress for Halloween she wanted to create a staff to complete her ghoulish look. Using the boa for inspiration, she gathered all her tools; cardboard rolls, the boa, black glitter, black paint, the glue gun and the piece de resistance-a skull from the seasonal bin!

All things came together quite well don’t you think.

Vampiress Staff



A little bit of everything

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it’s no wonder why, it’s full of wacky whimsy!

Here Angela and her boys created a spooky scene with everything but the kitchen sink! There are corks, a pine cone, a bit of mesh, egg create pieces, spider webbing, toilet paper rolls, and even small treasures just to name a few. This haunted place looks like something out of an I Spy book. What fun!

Spooky Palace

Angela, Adult







It’s so nice to share something special with your favorite pals. Here Grace created a series of BFF necklaces for herself and two special friends. She chose just the right colored strings from the “Yarn and String” bin, then made pretty paper hearts to adorn them with the special messages held between friends. Grace has lucky friends.


8 yrs

Drop Cloth Paper

Some things are better said on paper. Thoughts and expressions can roll along easily that way . Any old paper will do, even drop cloth paper!

Here a lovely portrait comes to life with a little activity paint and some long easy brush strokes that speak a lilting air…



Person with Long Hair

Artist unknown





This S was one of the letters created during Alex’s birthday party. The “Ice Breaker” craft letters were cut from cardboard for each guests name . How they embellished them was the way they dipped their toe into freeform creativity.

Sarah wanted her S to express a few of her favorite things, picking from the “tickets & tags” bin and the” small treasures” bin gave her just what she wanted. A unique twist on monogram letters don’t you think.


Sarah, 12yrs







A Tube Sock

Even though the holidays are still far off, there is nothing like an ice cold snow man during the hot days of summer! This snow man is magical too with drift wood wings, a shamrock nose, pipe cleaner scarf, and foamy feet. The magic is the smiles that delight the faces of all who see this magical frosty.

Glass Jar

My Mom and Me.

Pretty things are always lovely to look at, they are even better when created by you! Here sits a sweetly decorated jar that once housed salsa. Now, it can keep any little treasure they like. Natalie and her mom worked together to pick just the right paper to decoupage the jar and the sparliest yarn to top the lid. They added the button finial on top to create the end result. The best part is, every time either of them look at the jar, they will remember their time making it together.

Keepsake Jar

Natalie, 7 and Jennifer, Adult

Industrial Thread Spool

And the award goes to…

A family award is a great idea, an item that signifies an achievement, a silly moment or marks a milestone. Erin and her kids were caught in a whirl of creativity that became a statue of silly affection for their family. The industrial thread spool made a great base for the doll head-leaving room for much more frill and since the spool is hollow secret notes can be tucked inside! Feathers and shred give her the GaGa she needed and a final twist of squiggly plastic made her complete. Watch out Oscar!

Family Award

Liam 2yrs, Nora 4yrs and Mommmy Erin


This is no angry bird!

This little guy is happy to be a creation made out of thick black yarn with a plastic egg body and a soft foamy beak. He now lives at the studio where he makes lots of freinds and is a continuous source of inspiration to all.

Creator unkown