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​Our Weekly WOW wasn’t a singular project this week. It was a mode of creativity, one that ripples far and wide when it comes to learning. Oak Hills students had a very Hands-On experience during their field trip to CReATE for a project based  learning experience. 

WOW hands-on is, was and always will be the greatest resource for learning. That’s the wow in wow. Try it, work it, make it. That’s the way to learn 

Weekly WOW!

Anita (2) gets an A for effort as she stays in the creative zone placing shiny trimmings on her painting just so. A for action, again and again. The beauty of creativity is the process in which it unfolds.

Weekly WOW!

Spirit Sticks of all shapes and sizes wowed us with the flair of all the ladies who made them. Each stick has personal meaning to honor dreams and goals. Powerful. 

Spirit Sticks


Weekly WOW!

Lucy is participating in the Reflections program through school this year. “What Is Your Story” is the theme. 

She used her time at CREATE to create the visual aspect of her submission, a self potrait that gave us a little view of her. This is the portrait of a beautiful girl with a good hearted story.

What Is Your Story



Weekly WOW!

Gavin knew he wanted to make something with wheels. 

He and his mom spent their time together designing, planning then making this transporter that could roll over long distances and carry many imaginary men. 

Turns out he was inspired the latest Star Wars movie and some of its roving machines. How great it is to get inspired as a kid and make something from it. Thatvwas always my dream . Kids are imaginers. They have ideas all day long.

 This rolling transporter came to life field by Gavin’s inspiration. It impressed other studio creators as it rolled across the floor on it’s CD wheels. It even impressed his big sister and you that’s not easy to do.




Weekly WOW!

The heart of a heart is who you share it with.  Ella’s family tree project makes a full heart.

Projects that explore the history of family are a beatuful thing. When else do we roll out the family history with our to reminisce. A project like this makes history alive for kids, connective in a literal way. Ella and her mom took time and care to make sure they got the grandmas, grandpa’s and cousins just so.

Now their tree stands tall.

Family Tree



Weekly WOW!

​Weekly WOW!

A group of ladies visited the studio for a “Self Care Sunday” today where they made canvas expressions that fed their creative wells. Magazine pages, this and that put together vintage just the right way for each. They made beauty that matched their hearts and filled mine. WOW!


Canvas Expressions 

Weekly WOW 

Logan and his mom Donna are a dynamic creative duo who know how to bring beloved animated characters to life, isn’t that  magic! They made a great mama and son pair gathering materials in just the right textures, just the right sizes. They collaborated, shared ideas and work through the snags they encountered and in the end made these two silly characters, Tails and Sonic. Hurray!

Tails & Sonic 

Logan & Donna

6yrs & Adult

Weekly WOW!

Kali was determined to bring these poor lenseless glasses back to life. 

Sometimes solutions are simple and she could see that so popcicle sticks were the obvious choice. With their clean lines these glasses are ready to wear. I think she has a future in eyewear. It stared with a creative spark.




Weekly WOW!

Marley had a vision when she saw the big strofoam box. She got right to work to make a happy place for the little girl inside. She succeded She spent her whole studio session working on each item. She cut and glued and painted to her hearts content. It unfolded as she workwd. Her scene in a box is like a window  to her imagination, a place where creativity loves to play.

Happy Scene