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Weekly WOW!

This little mermaid began with a spark  when Amanda  found the rock. Ah, She had a vision, she  saw a mermaid even when there wasn’t one yet.   

Made of lofty tissue paper and a cork & 1/2,  this little mermaid was born. She has no features so that each person who sees her can choose their own emotion for her.

Love that! 




Weekly WOW!

​WOW! Yoni (9) impressively persevered in making a bird house from the VHS tapes he found at the studio. He disassembled and reassembled the tapes as he pursued his vision. It wasn’t an easy process but that’s the best part, he kept on working just the same and the result is this awesome upcycled birdhouse the birds are sure to love.





Weekly WOW!

Hana (11) loves to make collage boards as birthday gifts for friends and family. 

To make these she took  care searching for just the right images and materials to express how much she cares. Here she created a board for her dad, her friend and her teacher. So thoughtful. WoW.

Birthday Boards



Weekly WOW!

This was a father/daughter deal. Marvin and his girls, Tesla (7) and Marlowe (3) undertook the task of building a rendition of the Eiffle Tower. It was quite impressive to watch their process. There was the building aspect (hats off to architects for making things stand), then there was the assemblage process of adding tiny trinkets and treasures like barbie shoes, gems, buttons and more. That was what the girls took on. That was were the real magic happened. The whole project is where memories were made.
Wow, what a treasure!

“Eiffel Tower”
Tesla, Marlowe & Marvin
7 & 3yrs

Weekly WOW!

Ryan was so proud to draw out the collection of characters he had created on his cool itouch app. He got totally caught up in the creative flow as the drawings tumbled onto his poster sized page from the mental pictures that he knew so well.

He was wowed and so were we.

Weekly WOW!

This is Kira (6) and Marni’s (9) little library with no book standing taller than 3 inches.They worked together to cut  paint chips into book covers and pages from magazines as the content. Kira seemed especially  proud of the collection they created. I imagine  they are planning a lot of reading time at home not to mention endless hours of play.

Kira & Marni
6 & 9 yrs

Weekly WOW!

Weekly WOW!
Always know your roots they say.
This creation is a throwback to the pre-ginning of CReATE. Years back my kids and I got in the zone making this birthday party beach scene with broken bits and old knick knacks from my grandma’s (Darling’s) house.
We spent a summer afternoon outdoors creating it, letting whimsy and imagination take us to this Happy land one item at time and it was magic, something I wanted to repeat and share.

Beachy Birthday Party
The Wildermuth Girls

Weekly WOW!

Weekly WOW!
The theme is, Something out of nothing.
Time with grandma yielded a fashion fiesta for two sisters with these clutch inspired purses. To think they folded two swatches of pleather into  stylish bags was so simple and yet so chic.
Sometimes less is more when it comes to reusing.
That’s how creativity works, a look at something can spark am idea, hey, what if we fold this pleather, then it’s shared and you get, he how about we add a strap, then, yeah, and flowers and the sparks keep flying. Creativity is ready to pounce at anytime. Wet just have to tune in and it’s fireworks!

Grandma  Date

Weekly WOW!

Out of the mouths of babe’s comes meaningful words we all aspire to bring to our daily lives.
Talking a scrabble word board and flagging it into these simple messages makes for the best word meaning. Have hope and aspire to joy.
Everyone needs goodness to hold onto.
What a creative spin on the scrabble board to make it into flags with words!
Creativity never ceases to show itself in each of us through our individual and unique views and experiences.  These sisters are young and wise with a taste for the goodness that is there for the asking for all of us.

Hope & Joy Flags
Ava & Audrey
11 & 9 yrs

Weekly WOW!

They say, necessity is the mother if invention,  looks like Camryn (8) thought so too. She fashioned herself some sandals for summer using one of our fancy trimmings and cut cardboard  soles and they worked! She was so clever with her construction that she was able to walk around the studio and create for the rest of her studio time.
It may seem a simple thing, to make a pair of crafty sandals but there is something bigger here. Camryn sees possibilities that are both practical and whimsical. Imagine, if she continues to follow her inspirations and creativity, the better the world is sure to be.