Yearly Archives: 2016


​We are so excited about this donation to the studio. It will make awesome reuse of campus crayons. 

We’ll melt them down into the molded shapes to make new fun and funky crayons to share with kids in need through our non-profit, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS.

Stay tuned for more on this adventure!


​Sometimes creating is about quantity, it’s mostly about quaLity. Once in a while we have a meeting of the two as in this case. Many of these are functional as well as aestheticly pleasing for

Giorgianna (9). She enjoys miniature things. 


​I’m just a paper person trying to get along…

This is a totally independent creation by Elika (4).

I love what happens when creativity flows freely. The possibilities are endless.

Still in town…

​Santa made one more stop in town today (hence the blur) to spend a little time creating today. Perhaps a stop at CReATE after Christmas is where Santa gets next year’s creativity  flowing…

Oh nuts!

​Well, how did we miss sharing this yummy mini quilt by Lucy (9) who designed it herself during our special Mini Quilt Project class a few weeks back. You might have guessed that she’s a fan of doughnuts.

Tis the season…

​Happy Everything from all of us at CReATE STUDIO! Best wishes for an abundant New Year!

(Friendly Snowman by Blake, 11)


​The newspaper is top notch for staying informed and still so for all of its reuse abilities. Take these newspaper straws, just a quick roll up with a little tape and now we’ve got a whole new level of creative potential! We’re thinking they make a great material for a S.T.E.A.M. project for starters!


​Nice  work Lily…

We Always love a Gods Eye, especially when made with toothpicks.She was going for snowflakes and she did it! It’s fun to put a new twist on an old craft.


​We enjoyed a busy day with a field trip visit from CVUSD’s Winter campers, our 2 4 1 deal day creators and a sewing class too. 

In the bustle of it all I caught a glance of this little guy; a happy snowman made of unusual stuff but sweeter because of it. 

Material of the Week 12/19-12/25

Looking forward to what this reuse Material of the Week will become! Plastic Cutlery has endless possibilities!