Yearly Archives: 2016

Good Stuff!

​We’re super excited about phase two of our non-profit, @createonyourcampus program at Brookside Elementary School in Oak Park! 

5th graders are stewarding classroom collections of cast off items that will be reused as materials during lunchtime!

A Messy Morning…

​Foam dough was a hit this morning with the messy crew. Shaving cream and corn starch made a curious and satisfying combination  for endless playful exploring.


​We had a fun and festive field trip morning with the K/1 kids from O.P.E.N. Classroom of Thousand Oaks. 

They made personalized holiday ornaments and keepsakes of their own designs for family and friends from wood blocks and such.

Girls Club Rules!

​We had our last Girls Club class of the fall series today. It’s been heartwarming to spend weeks of Wednesdays with this great group of young ladies. They bonded, befriended, supported, discovered, explored, created and grew into more of who they are meant to be. confidence is finding your you.


​Today marks something new at CReATE! Come in on “Easy Craft Wednesday” to make something simple we have planned in addition to your other creating.

It’s our way to bring you something we think is really cool and fun to try!

Today’s “Easy Project” is Pomanders! Be sure to make one when you come in today, the’ll be available while supplies last. They are super easy to make and smell great!

A new life…

​We go through a lot of markers at the studio so a few years ago we started talking them apart to make reusable materials at the studio! We get 5 different usable pieces out of one dried marker!

This batch is getting a bath from all its first use wear and tear.

​Up until recently we showcased a “Weekly WOW” creation when it became clear that there were way more WOWS than weeks. 

When creativity is expressed, its inevitably awesome every time.

This lil Martian is case in point.

Learning something new…

​Remaking jewelry to earn a patch had it’s perks for these Girl Scouts. 

During their visit to tge studio we talked about jewelry, the kinds there are, why it’s worn, how it’s worn in different parts of the world and learned to work with a few simple jewelry tools. The girls had so much fun taking apart broken and cast off jewelry that we keep on hand to make new pieces tgeyvwanted to wear and give. learning something new is part of what scouting offers and I’d say these girls did it in style.


​We had some crafty reuse tricks up our sleeves for today’s Santa at The Adobe event, hosted by the City of Agoura Hills. 

We hosted a free craft booth to jazz up pine cones, make little gift boxes from TP rolls and had a heck of a fun time with corks making cork snowman. We love to come up with reuse ideas with materials we have at the studio! It was fun to watch curiosity and ender unfold with our raw material.  imagination enexed up getting the best of all of us. 

Tis the season!

Messy Toddler Fun…

​What a lovely messy morning we had building faux gingerbread houses in winter fashion. We have landed ourselves a mountain of faux snow this season which fits our California weather scene so we are using it six ways til Sunday for sure, making all things snowy. 

It is wonderful to spend time with little ones who seem to know what’s really important-now. The world is so curious around them, it seems to becon thier attention in a whispered tone-let’s play!

Ok!is always the answer..