Yearly Archives: 2019

Making Space for Creativity

Plan to build this good habit now.

Join us This Friday, January 3rd for our Pinspired Project Night at CReATE. You can make any or all of our seasonal project inspirations and it will just fill you up.

Making space for your creativity is the answer to a lot of our woes. Making space for creativity means you make space in your life for you. Your creativity is where your expression gets heard. Our Pinspired Project Nights are not just about the projects, they are about the how the colors and textures inspire you. They are about putting materials together in a way that suits you. You’re honoring the person who’s attention and affections you most need to, your own. There is an expression, children should be seen and heard and believed. I think adults should too. Creating is one great way to do that.

Afterward, at home you get to admire what you made, tell your family about it and relive the self love you gave when you made it.

Creating isn’t the only way to honor yourself but it is a deep and loving way to let different parts of you come together all at once.
Make other spaces to value yourself through walking, reading, cooking etc., but let creativity have a priority space in your planner this year as you prepare for a well rounded 2020 starting with a Pinspired Project Night at CReATE.

Happy & Merry

Sock Friends
The Holidays are lovely opportunities for connection.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with tradition, good cheer, lots of reminiscing and love to last a lifetime. Make it all happy and merry.

Making Art

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”, Thomas Merton once said.
I found this to be true this weekend as I spent a Family Art Day at The California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks-CMATO.

The event was all about inviting community into the art experience. What better way than to connect with collaging. Our inspiration for the afternoon was Marjorie Salvaterra’s black and white photo exhibit currently on display.

It was great to see who came, a wonderful variety of people, some who had never collaged before. To see what awoke in them as they leafed through magazine pages and cut out the images that caught their eyes. No two collages were alike and they all had stories to tell.

I could see how fulfilling it was for them to be caught up in the spirit of making with amazing art surrounding them. Inspired by art, making art and getting swept away. What could be better on a Sunday afternoon.

Life is Messy

That’s what makes it so interesting.

Kids will say “this place is so messy” when they come to the studio for the first time. They don’t know what to make of the colorful paint splotches that don our studio. But, by the time they leave the studio I think they get it. Life is messy, it’s meant to be. Creating is often messy too . That is what makes doing it so much fun.

In our messy space everyone is free from any unconscious thoughts to keep order at all times. Kids can let mess happen and truly express themselves. That’s where the gold lies.

Messes aren’t perfect for every situation, not even at the studio. But our paint splattered tables, seating and floors give permission to let creativity flow freely. Next time you see a messy place, don’t knock it. A busy, messy life may be fully under way.

Messy Holiday Fun

Hands on making that’s all in fun.

We’re excited to be hosting a Super Holiday Slime Workshop series on Friday afternoons this month. We love to make slime in the spirit of science and exploration. It’s messy, it’s fun and it’s just the kid of hands-on making we know kids love too.

Participants age 6 and up can join us to make Clear Holiday Slime, Candy Cane Butter Slime and Gingerbread Slime to their hearts content. They can even make batches to give to friends for the holidays!
Get the full scoop and sign-up on our happenings page.
We’ll see you Friday!

So Thankful

Time to count my blessings.

I want to take a moment to be thankful for the opportunity to serve my community through creativity.
It was 10 years ago that I opened my garage door to invite my community into my dream of bringing art fun to everyone.

I am so happy that this vision resonated with people of all ages and for all this time. It is no small thing. I have so enjoyed watching kid and adult ideas come to life through their art making and it totally fills me up. I see the beauty of people through what they make. It reminds me how much goodness there is.

10 years back I invited friends and neighbors into my 400 square foot garage space and said, “make whatever you want with our array of recycled and crafty materials.” It is so wonderful that they said yes. Thank you so much!

Making Time.

I love to see kids and their adults spending quality time together.

The other day a mother and daughter came into the studio to work on a family heritage project, which added a rich layer to their connection. They spent their visit engaged with one another while they worked on their project, both happy as could be.

During our Messy Toddler class I caught this sweet moment between mother and son. They were enjoying such a quality moment as they worked on a paper project together. I was filled up as I saw them engaged with one another. This is what it’s all about I though.

Spending time with the people we love gets deposited into our “emotional bank accounts”, filling us up inside.

Today, make time for someone you love. Take a walk, build a creation or watch a funny movie together. Quality time is the richest currency we have.


Imagination needs no instruction.

We think a secret ingredient to the richness of a child’s life is imagination.
That’s where we come in. When kids are with us at the studio or on the road they get to connect with themselves. They are tapping into their own imaginings and ideas. It’s a wonderful process to watch infold.
We want to preserve that. In today’s busy techno world we encourage kids to plug into their imaginations in healthy ways and, there’s nothing like hands on creating for that!
As you plan your gift list this holiday season add one of our Eco Craft Kits! They are the perfect kit, like no other to get kids engaged in their own imaginations and they don’t need instructions for that.

Call us at 818-575-9566 to order yours today!

Art Heals

Creating art is part of the conversation

I am so excited to take CReATE STUDIO on a road trip to CMATO next Sunday November 10th.
The Museum’s NEW instillation series theme “Empathy, Beneath The Surface” thoughtfully considers the one year anniversary of The Wolsey Fires and Borderline Shooting through art. The conversations are sure to be ongoing and bring people together through works that center on thought, connection and healing. After all, art heals.
We’ll be bring a family fun component that invites kids and their families into the Empathy conversation through a hands-on project exploration- making rustic dolls. Using rustic materials and fabrics kids can dress their doll characters with inspiration from artist, Simphiwe Ndzube, one of the seven featured artists whose work with second-hand clothing is woven into his work.
As part of this family event we are asking for donations of gently used clothing in partnership with CMATO to donation to local organizations in support of those in need. We look forward t sharing this creative Sunday with you.

Clothing donations can be brought to CReATE Studio this week and next and marked CMATO to distinguish them from our other donations.

Thanks for the memories

Birthday parties are family memory keepsakes.

I came across this video made by my brother in law, Kevin Wildermuth a few years ago.
He shot it to help me showcase our birthday parties. Watching it today was such a sweet reminder of why we love to help families celebrate their special days.

During our parties we get to see kids connecting with one another, laughing together, creating like crazy and having the best time with family and friends every time. It’s wonderful to be swept up in the energy and joy of these celebrations as they organically unfold. I am reminded about the pleasures of life with kids.

This video was made in 2017 but Nate, the birthday boy still has the friends he is seen here with. This party became a shared memory for all the kids. It makes me so happy to know that all of those memories will last Nate’s lifetime.

Learn more about our birthday party packages and schedule your next celebration with us.