Making Art

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”, Thomas Merton once said.
I found this to be true this weekend as I spent a Family Art Day at The California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks-CMATO.

The event was all about inviting community into the art experience. What better way than to connect with collaging. Our inspiration for the afternoon was Marjorie Salvaterra’s black and white photo exhibit currently on display.

It was great to see who came, a wonderful variety of people, some who had never collaged before. To see what awoke in them as they leafed through magazine pages and cut out the images that caught their eyes. No two collages were alike and they all had stories to tell.

I could see how fulfilling it was for them to be caught up in the spirit of making with amazing art surrounding them. Inspired by art, making art and getting swept away. What could be better on a Sunday afternoon.