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Getting Inspired

I get the biggest kick out of seeing what kids make from everyday things. What they see in a scrunched piece of paper with some tape and a popsicle stick could be the most interesting creature in the sea.

Kids often see, in these household materials, the inside of their imaginations. The physical things are placeholders for for the vastness they can dream. Check out our donations list for ideas of what you probably have on hand to reuse.

This Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Celebrate with your kids by inviting them to create with a cereal box, egg carton or plastic bottle to unlock their minds, making space for awareness of value reusing. They are natural thinkers and environmental stewards.

Everything came from the Earth somehow. Visit our CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS Materials page to get a glimpse of where materials begin and what can be found around us everyday on school campuses. Much of those materials are what we’d find at home too.

Honor Earth Day with us. Stimulate your kids imaginations with the recycling you have around you this week.

Jemma W

It’s a good time to be us

S.T.E.A.M., S.T.E.M., Whole Child, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Self Confidence, Process, Leadership, Creative Play, Collaboration and Innovation. These are words I hear a lot around the subject of children, especially connected to education.

Woo Hoo! We connect with all of them! At CReATE STUDIO and CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS we connect reuse with creativity and find it naturally matches up to these words, phrases and acronyms, organically.

I was talking to a teacher at one of our C.O.Y.C. schools and she shared that she noticed two boys creating walkie talkies from empty crayon boxes during their Art at Recess through our program. They had a whole story and imaginative experience going on with just few recycled campus materials. It’s a good time to do what you’re doing she said. It totally floats my boat to see kids create then play with what they make. When she described what she saw them doing I could see it too.
In the process of making and imagining kids are tapping into their own learning wells. They have skills to apply of of the terms I listed above. When they get excited or inspired these skills come into play and kids get engaged. I am excited about what we are doing at the studio and in schools. It’s creating a pathway for bright thinkers with the simplest materials.
The future is looking bright from here.

Jemma W.

We’re On the Road Again.

We love to take creativity on the road and make connections as we go.

This coming weekend we head to Malibu and two community school campuses to be a part of their fall festivities with our creative reuse fun.

Join us for Halloween inspired crafting for little ones at Bluffs Park in Malibu on Friday, October 25th from 3-5:30pm. We’ll be making Pine Cone Pumpkins and more!

Connect with us Saturday, October 26th from 2-5pm at E.A.R.T.H.S Magnet School for their Halloween Carnival. We’ll be providing spooky crafting from small Amazon boxes. Cardboard boxes are a favorite reuse of ours.

On Sunday we would love to see you at Chaparral Elementary Schools Fall Festival in Calabasas where we’ll be creating festive treasures with Shredded Paper galore!

We love to be out in our community creating. The studio is open while we’re on the town.
We can’t wait to see you around!

Make a Haunted House

The Perfect Halloween fun.

I love October. The feel of the air, the smells of fall, the deep colors and of course Halloween. This year I felt inspired to create a workshop series that grew from the kid in me who loves October the way I do now.
This October we’re Creating Haunted Houses during our workshop series each Friday.
The goal is for each participant to create a 12″x 12″ haunted house that matches their love of Halloween and all things fall in a whimsical way from rooftop to ground floor.
This includes wall paper, spider webs, funky furniture they make and the zany characters of they develop. All materials are included.
If your kids love halloween they are going to have the best time making their own Halloween House to savor every halloween or all year long. Learn more and sign up through the Creating Haunted Houses link.
I can’t wait!
Jemma W. Owner

Out of the mouths of babes.

Wise words from a six year old.

You know the changes in the world are big when a six year old talks about them. Lyle’s dad told me a story about how she likes to create at home. She reuses everything she can get her hands on. Lyle stopped her dad on a trip to the recycling can recently asking for the box he was holding. She said “reusing a box means one less piece of trash and one more piece of art”.
I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love that Lyle is aware of the bigger picture and, where things really go.
Perhaps that’s the next layer of conversation we can all start having with kids. The next time you take the recycling out for disposal you can tell your kids about where things go from there.
Waste Management has a Recycling Plant and Landfill right in our community. They process the trash we throw away and the recycling we pass along. From there, recycling collections may go to an MRF -Material Recovery Facility to get to more specific destinations.
There is a buzz the final steps for items like cardboard specifically, there is just too much out there. Talking a page from Lyle’s book and reusing everyday recyclables is a great way to help shift our habits at home. Make art not trash!

Reuse inspires nostalgia

The other day a gentleman was walking past our studio and stopped to look in. Our reuse style seemed to inspire him. He looked around for a few minutes taking it in as he drew himself to the counter where we have our giant ball of masking tape on display.
He told me a story about being a boy in Los angeles during World War Two and how during that time there was a competition with the families in his neighborhood about who could make the biggest aluminum foil ball. They were all was saving every scrap of foil they could find to add to their balls, even gum wrappers. That memory brought a few more that he shared about that time so long ago. He said he hadn’t thought about any of those things so long. It was seeing the tape ball that brought it all back. We were both inspired by what seeing our tape ball triggered. Nostalgia is funny like that, it rides on the wings of subtle things like something baking in the oven a song that’s playing in a store. Even a funny tape ball can do it taking us both back to a moment in time where saving things was a thing.
I loved seeing his memories unfold. Hearing them was like going back in time.

Mother Earth

Last year I started our monthly Spotlight on 12 material genres we reuse at the studio and some areas to explore about them. We explore what we’re do with them, what local artists are doing with them, where they come from and whether they’re recyclable or not.
As we’ve queried each month I’ve been getting more curious about the materials thinking about how they are produced and only recently, what their origins are.
I was surprised that I hadn’t known the very beginning of where plastics come from. I knew that they are largely man-made but there had to be a beginning. I discovered that they are often made from oil that is extracted from the deep recesses of the ocean and land. Oh my! I think of how much is made of plastic in our day to day lives and further how much is made for single uses like various plastic packagings, zip-loc baggies, utensils, water bottles and on and on. That’s a lot of oil to benefit all of us people. It’s left me thinking that I can do more, we can all do more by at least using things more than once and with care.
I know there is so much to do to cut down initial uses all together but I am thinking of the uses we have already in our lives as we we shop.
Thoughtfulness is a beginning, being aware of the origins of things from our beautiful earth, she always gives with love and the very least we can do is appreciate and relish the gifts she shares. A tin can comes from metal that is mined, a can has so many reuse possibilities-if nothing else it’s a pencil holder.
In our consumerism we forget to do what Marie Condo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up does and inspires in us, to thank and bless the things we have while we have them. We can be proactive by finding ways to use then reuse them before they must pass on. Marie uses shoe boxes with out the lids to organize drawers. This use concern isn’t just about plastics, or any other material genre we focus on, its about all the materials that are intended for single or temporary use. Try reuse at home, if you have a box, make it a play thing or use it to organize or share it with a friend who may be moving.
The things we have, are gifts while we have them. Let’s thank our Mother Earth for always giving to us with open arms. We can show appreciation with our mindful uses. At the studio we reuse things to make art, sharing a piece of ourselves with the word. Art makes the world more beautiful, that’s a great way of saying thanks.

Great idea!

Loving this clear carry-all tote.
As Dr Wayne Dyer once said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”
I think that includes plastic bedding package sleeves.

Cleaning up

I got a 4Ocean bracelet in the mail the other day. Selling bracelets is how they fund their ocean clean-ups. I first saw their story on instagram and followed their story from there. They use a simple model to address a really big problem-trash on our oceans, most of it being plastic.
I see how litter happens, seems innocent enough to drop something unbeknownst to you and there it sits, perilously close to a gutter drain (which drains to a lake or ocean). I walk my dog a number of times of day and see trash along the way during every walk. I feel responsible for picking it up and I am, I want to be an action taker. If the noticer doesn’t do something who will? We are the change we wish to see when we see. 4 oceans is out there on the high seas picking up other peoples trash but I don’t think they mind it in a sense. They have purpose and intent and they are creating change for our oceans and sea life and inspiring people like me. It’s the ripple effect. One good turn turns to another and another.
To learn about 4Oceans and their bracelet for a pound of trash plan check them out and let the good vibes that come with taking some action inspire you.

Make this!

We made used CD Button Spinners at MATES STEAM Night for super simple fun in motion! You can drop-in to the studio and make one with us or try it at home.
All you need is:
a CD with a 2 or 4 hole button hot-glued to the center
then string the lace through 2 holes in the button and tie.
Hold the looped string halfway on each side of the spinner and wind up by turning the CD so the string twists then pull each side of the sting out, then gently pushing the string in over and over to keep the motion going kind of like a yo-yo!
*Decorate the CD with paint or sharpie markers to create a more colorful effect.