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Drum roll please…

Domonique and her Mom had so much fun making a rockstar drum kit complete with cymbals. They created these musical gems  from tin and plastic containers, fabric scarps, and lots of sparkly confetti!

They might have to start a family band.

Drum kit

Domonique & Mommy

3yrs & Adult

This n’ That

A little cardboard, some fabric, a plastic container, shredded newspaper and an array of acrylic paint were the perfect ingredients to bring Montana’s mixed media  self portrait to life.  A lovely portrait in deed.

Self Portrait




Buttons have such a whimsical feel when assemble in a colorful array. Tabi thought they made an excellent Christmas tree to celebrate her holiday spirit. As if to give a feel of rich velvet she set her pretty tree against a piece of cardboard painted with chalkboard paint, that way she can add special messages or leave her artists signature as pictured.

Button Tree




James had a big idea to build a small city out of  bolts.  Just bolts and a spring for good measure. He had such fun digging through the machine parts bin to find just the right pieces for his city, so majestic on it’s small scale.

James’ City


5 yrs


It’s not a material that is donated often, but when there are bits and pieces  in the leather, pleather and faux fur bin it tends to inspires wonderful creations.

As soon as Vendela saw this material she was sure she was making a puppy pencil holder.

With the help of her moms  trusty skills with a glue gun skills Vendela put together a heartwarming holder complete with a little football eraser nose!

Isn’t he adorable!


Puppy Pencil Holder

Vendela 5 &1/2 yrs

Card Stock

Chelsea was inspired when she came to CReATE, looking through bins here and there. Hmm, what to make she wondered as she took it all in? 

Something about the combination of blank cards and the alphabet rubber stamp collection seemed to take hold of her senses and away she went creating cards for all of her friends!

How special it will be for friends to receive one of Chelsea’s hand crafted cards. They will certainly know just how special they are to her.

Hand Crafted Stationary


Young Adult


When best friends get together anything is possible!

On a recent CReATE visit Sophia and Lindsey wanted to make something to commemorate their fondness for one another. They naturally thought of how two halves make a whole and what better way to convey that message than through crafting a creation that has those two halves. These two girls love  to make pillows so the Best Friend pillow was a perfect fit!

Now they each have a piece of their creation and, their hearts.

BFF Pillow

Sophia & Lindsey

9 yrs


A Shoe Box

School projects can be lots of fun! 

When Lola got the assignment to make a house for her pet rock she knew just what she wanted to do! Using all kinds of CReATE materials she and her Grandma made quite a stylish bedroom setting, complete with plush flooring, pretty wallpaper and lots of pictures to look at. 

What a cozy place to live! This house was also a “Win/Win” school project which means White Oak Elementary School gets $1 back is support of creatibvity in education!

Rock Home



A Pine Cone

Cate likes to come to the studio with an idea in place. That way, she can enjoy the search for all materials that could make her idea real. Yesterday, she had an owl in her sights.

Rummaging through bins she found just what she needed to make it all happen, a pine cone! With moms help, more searching through the natural things bin lead her to the acorn hats she used as big owl eyes (they also made fancy feet). A few feathers were the last detail needed to help her feathered friend soar though her imagination! 

Ah, the wonder of imagination…seeing endless possibilities in everyday things.

Owl Friend





Cardboard Box

Megan’s homework assignment was to make a plain white box into a character from a favorite book she had read!

Making a dolphin from a cardboard box was an idea she had to spend some time exploring. Would it be flat or round, inside the box or out? With a little help from her mom & I  and more cardboard she was able to make her dream idea come to life! She even found some hinges to help the mechanical tale look authentic!

Amazing what she came up with for her Dolphin of Dolphin Tale . He looks ready for a swim at sea!
What a “Win/Win” for
Megan and Westlake Elementary School!