Making Space for Creativity

Plan to build this good habit now.

Join us This Friday, January 3rd for our Pinspired Project Night at CReATE. You can make any or all of our seasonal project inspirations and it will just fill you up.

Making space for your creativity is the answer to a lot of our woes. Making space for creativity means you make space in your life for you. Your creativity is where your expression gets heard. Our Pinspired Project Nights are not just about the projects, they are about the how the colors and textures inspire you. They are about putting materials together in a way that suits you. You’re honoring the person who’s attention and affections you most need to, your own. There is an expression, children should be seen and heard and believed. I think adults should too. Creating is one great way to do that.

Afterward, at home you get to admire what you made, tell your family about it and relive the self love you gave when you made it.

Creating isn’t the only way to honor yourself but it is a deep and loving way to let different parts of you come together all at once.
Make other spaces to value yourself through walking, reading, cooking etc., but let creativity have a priority space in your planner this year as you prepare for a well rounded 2020 starting with a Pinspired Project Night at CReATE.