Not lost.

The momentum of my #30daysofreuse campaign in April is still playing out in my mind. I love sharing reuse tips and inspirations.

As I having been visiting school campuses for enrichment classes I have been seeing lots of ” Lost And Found” carts over-run with kids jackets, sweatshirts, and water bottles. Looking through one of these carts to find that nearly all the items on the cart had no kids names on them. No way to get reunited.

Once these clothing piles get over-sized and no one claims the items the schools will donate the wears. And this is the plan year after year.

Writing your kids names in their school attire is one of the little things that can support our planet and our people. Labeling kids belongings builds good habits, sets them up for success and cuts down on on the expense of replacing them.
Together, as we all participate in these little things, they add up to big changes for the good.

Jemma W.