My, how time flies. This May marks 14 years for CReATE STUDIO.
When I had the idea to start the studio using recycled household materials as art materials, I took a “next indicated step” approach to bringing it to life.
When deciding what to call this art studio, the word create seemed the most fitting word I could use to call it and describe what one could do there.
There have been many phases of the studio space that has gone from garage to sore front and now- to being exclusively mobile. None of these evolutions and pivots have happened overnight. Each has been an integral part of the journey, organically. Isn’t that what creativity is all about. The studio, to my joy has remained true to the word and it’s meaning.

Happy birthday dear CReATE. I’m so happy to be a part of you and, you of me.
Jemma Wildermuth,
Owner, Founder