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Weekly Wow!

Isabella is moving to Switzerland with her family in a few short weeks. She is very excited about this adventure and wants to be prepared for all the fun possibilities. Cardboard is a good material for possibilities so why not snow shoes?
She worked hard to fine-tune the components that would make them snow worthy; lacing, framing and of course, glidability. They look ready for action. Nice invention Isabella.

Snow Shoes
9 yrs


I am beside myself with excitement about moving to a larger studio space in the center where CReATE now stands. We are heading down in just a few weeks, after a few updates are made and a big wall is put upI
Thought it would be fun to document a few blurbs along the way. I know you will all just love the new place!


It was such treat to be invited to contribute to a hip blog, “Capture the Sweet Moments” , where I was able to share about the importance of creativity as I see it.
Please visit Erin’s blog to read all about it and to get to know her site. It’s a treat!

Weekly Wow

Plastic Lid

I am not surprised that a spray paint lid was the inspiration for this snowman. I watch creators see from an “upcycled” perspective quite often. I was impressed though, which is a regular occurance as I’ve watched thoughts turn to ideas and ideas become dimensional, colorful creations.
Shaeli had such fun tinkering with fluff and cardboard to make the winter being that would wear her inspired hat.

12 yrs

Thirty Days of Thanks # 30

Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are a colorful expression of grateful thoughts and prayers we have in our hearts and they are so easy to make. They look happy in a garden or strewn from a mantle or anywhere you want a bit of grateful flair.
Scraps of fabric or paper work great, just cut a batch of twelve or so rectangles at least 2″ x 8″, use a length of ribbon, yarn or string about two yards long and a stapler. Once your rectangle strips are cut you can fold them in half over the string of choice and staple in place, it’s that easy. Ass another piece and repeat about 2 inches from the first and continue until all of your strips are place.
Take some time during the process to think about what the pieces may represent to you. Once displayed you will have a nice reminder when you look at your flags on display.

Thanks again for joining us on our Thirty Days of Thanks adventure.

Thirty Days of Thanks # 29

Thank You Board

They say the highest spiritual compliment is Thank You from the understanding that everything is a gift of some kind. Lets make that a simple statement on day 29 of 30. Thank you is definitely a word we could all stand to say more and hear more so lets display it more too!

All you need is a frame, big or small,  some black acrylic craft paint (doesn’t have to be chalkboard paint ) and a piece of chalk. Paint the back of the frame on the side that shows through the frame. Once dry, write your message and you are ready to display. So fun.

This is a good time to thank you for joining me on this crafty endeavor, exploring 30 grateful craft opportunities. We still have one more to go but it has been an enriching experience to say the least. I hope you have enjoyed it too. I would love to hear about  the grateful crafts you enjoyed the most.

Thirty Days of Thanks # 28

Thankful Planting

I caught this idea in this month’s Sunset Magazine and loved the simple creativity. Talk about upcycling a squash! I am grateful for green.
I just love creations of the living variety, they bring lively energy to any room in a home. This creation makes good use of any squash you may have from holiday decor, allowing a sense of gratitude and fond fall memories to linger longer.
All you need for this project is a squash, be it pumpkin, butternut or an acorn which I used, a small potted succulent and some potting soil. You can even paint the squash with a little metallic paint to add pizzaz. Cut this top off the squash and dig out the seeds, then plant as you would with a bit of soil and the planting (removed from the pot).
I made mine for a hostest gift to say thanks for having us but you can make one just for you!
Thank you mother earth!

Thirty Days of Thanks # 27

Thanks 365 Can

Another inspiration from, this crafty idea will reap rewards though out the year. Starting tomorrow everyone in the family can contribute to this container everyday or here and there until next Thanksgiving. A  tradition is born! Next Thanksgiving the gang can gather around the table anytime of day to read the thankful notes collected throughout the year.
You can use a coffee container (or other round container ) or a box with a lid. Decorate to your hearts content with stickers, stamps or scrapbook paper. grab some note paper for thankful mentions. Cut a slit in the lid for the note drop. Then all you need is a little counter space for the next 365. This is the mother of all grateful!