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Admiring Art

Pausing a moment in a flurry of field trip fun with YMCA Ventura campers to note this arty piece by  one of their counselors. Always a fan of mixed media work.

Having Fun!

We’ve had a fun week with our Camp Champion camper friends, and with DIY creators making Fathers Day frames, fidget spinners and more with our weekly classes and open studio time!

Body Worlds…

It was all about Body Systems during Open Classroom Leadership Magnet’ s 4/5 fieldtrip to CReATE today.

The kids created organs from top to bottom as part of their unit about body systems and how they work at school. 

I bet we had some future doctors and scientists in our midst. Creativity knows no bounds.


Schools out for some of our area schools as of today! 
We so excited to share summer fun with everyone!

We have a few summer tricks up our sleeves with a special summer series of Girls Club at CReATE for 5 sessions starting  June 27.  We’re excited to be a part of Camp Conejo for Girl Scouts June 29th and  30th and the theme is 80’s!

Then, we have our in-house 1/2 day camp series, “Camp CReATE” July 10th-28th.

We’re also looking forward to field trip visits from some of our local camp organizations like YMCA and Boys and Girls Club.

Let the fun begin!

Today is Homeschool Thursday. All homeschoolers get our educational rate of $7 per creator today and everyday.
White Oak Elementary School pre K students visit us this am to make Marine Scenes!

We’re open from 11am to 6pm for drop in creating where you can let your creativity flow.

Imagine it!

Los Encinos first graders imagined and made insects that could withstand any weather in any place! They brought blueprints of their design ideas to work from and went to town creating. 

Their bugs could do it all because they imagined it. Just another fun day at CReATE!

Learning Fun.

Thanks to Ascension Lutheran School K-2nd grade classes for welcoming CReATE to their campus today for hands-on project fun with an emphasis on new life. They were awesome creators who met their creative goals to make everything from eggs in nests to insects to blossoming trees! Way to go learners!

Creativity is in the eye of the beholder and that’s exactly how these kids brought their “blueprint drawing” to life. Their drawings have them a self guide instruction manual as one student put it, to help them achieve their goals and compete their projects in a stress free, self motivated way.  Now that’s learning fun! 

Collaborative castle making with our preschool friends from MUSE  School. We had a sweet, messy, curious, hands-on time together today making repurposed flowers and this cool castle with a smidge of this and a squeeze of that, whatever was at hand to make a dazzling sight. Hands-On creating is the best.

So Natural…

As part of their “Nature Patch” Troop 61236 worked collaboratively to make a “Talking Stick” out of a fallen Branch and more. With it they will get to work on the art of taking turns speaking and listening at their meetings.

Making Motion…

E.A.R.T.H.S. students visited CReATE to make creations and contraptions that represent movement. There were aircraft, spacecraft, motorcycles and more.