A creative mind is a happy mind

After watching The Creative Brain, a documentary now on Netflix, it’s confirmed, we are all creative! At the studio we say, “creativity is a thinking muscle in your brain” and like any muscle, it needs exercise! As film maker and neuroscientist David Eagleman states “creativity is what  brains do”. It’s really what shapes our whole world and when exercised not only fulfills us but can heal us and help us meet the demands of our changing world. The creative brain is a must see, kids can watch it too.
Our family lives are so scheduled an it’s taking it’s toll. Let’s heed our mental call to be more present, calm and creative. I see how positively creativity affects people, it brings balance to living. So this week I have  5  simple actions you can do to help spark your creativity and your connection to the present moment. Being creative doesn’t have to be fancy or hard, in fact, it should be enjoyable. It just needs some space in our thinking minds to flow through and into the ways we see many of the things we do each day, giving them a boost of fulfillment and flair.
Try any of these 5 creativity boosters to help your creativity flow.
1. Sit down and just listen to a favorite record or playlist.
2. Get outside and take a walk in nature.
3. Grab your phone or a camera to take 25 pictures of things you think are interesting.
4. Take a walk around a hardware store.
5. Read a magazine

(photo credit -Netfix.com)