Art for all

Everyone has the right to explore their creativity.

I was talking to a parent last night who said she wasn’t artistic. We were making little glass magnets with map pieces. She loved the project because it was simple and she could collect pieces of map that matched the important places in her families lives like, where her husband and kids were born. She was having a great time creating. She thought she wasn’t artistic yet here she was, deciding that she would use the magnets to reflected her families heritage right on the fridge! Where did she get the idea she wasn’t artistic?

As we chatted I told her something that is the steam behind CReATE STUDIO and CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS. Everyone should be able to explore the realm of art for themselves, even if it’s not their passion or skill. Art for all that it can be is a form of play and expression. We are all created to experience it.
She may not be an artist per say, but she absolutely gets to have a good time with art. I want to nurture that idea in people, from kids on up. Reusing things creatively is a pipeline to the art of individual expressiveness in such a health way. Everyone should be able to explore the realm of art as I said so, let’s get everyone some cardboard and stuff and create!