We had a great time!

Well, now all that was said is done. Art in the park on Sunday was better than I imagined.
When Covid hit- I shifted gears and made a bold move to close my studio doors and take my show on the road with mobile-pop up finesse. As I mentally worked my way through how all of this would happen, I knew I wanted to have art-in-the-park days. Days where we could all come together to create in the spirit of CReATE STUDIO’s drop-in creating days.
It was wonderful to see familiar faces and make new acquaintances last Sunday as creativity flourished. Sharon from Hearth 4 Art inspired kids to draw horses, honing their drawing skills while others made robots, time machines, paintings and more. As I surveyed the scene during our event, I found that the best thing that was happening was connections, friends met up at our event, kids befriended one another, parents and kids were co-creating.
We are a community, we need each another. It was so amazing to see the positivity of connectivity and creativity unfolding on a casual Sunday afternoon.
Thank you for joining us. Let’s do it again soon!


Jemma W. Owner/Founder