Back To Basics

We’re going to get creative.

Luckily our creativity is built in. As much as I have been talking to parents to postpone parties this week I have also been noticing some beautiful days.

The clouds have been magificent, cojuring memories of childhood days spent looking up at similar clouds. Back then I would find shapes in them, things they looked like to me. Those are such sweet memories.

Since we are all in safer-at-home mode, just about everytime I walk my dog I see people getting outside into the beautiful fresh air.
I my busy days lately I had been fantacized about laying in the grass to look at clouds the way I did when I was young and now with a much lighter schedule-it’s so easy to do.
Clouds in a blue sky are all we need to explore the present moment, enjoying our emerging creativity as we see the clouds turning into familiar things. We’ew going to be turning that creativity to how to entertain our selves, our families while we are here. There is a lot that is hard about what- is right now but there’s also a lot of emerging good. I think I will focus on that for now.

Jemma W.