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It’s Thursday!

Hey Homeschoolers! It’s Thursday and that means it’s a special day at CReATE!

Come in today, stay cool and create with us! We’d love to spend some summer time with you.

Happy Thursday!

It’s Homeschool Thursday at Create Studio so come in and create for fun or for learning. Our homeschool rate is $7.00 per child. That’s a win/win!

Are you signed up for our Project Sewing  class this afternoon at 3:15pm? It’s a must for kids who like to machine see and want to sharpen their skills! $50 for two Thursday classes!

Call us to join there’s one spot left! 818-575-9566

Let’s create together! 

Happy Thursday!

If your a homeschool family Thursdays are a great day to visit CReATE! Homeschoolers enjoy our educational rate of $7.00 per student on Thursdays and every studio day!

We have the second session of our Machine Sewing Two- Project Sewing at 3:15 today and look forward to seeing what the kids make. Stay tuned for more on that! 

Woo Hoo what a great day!