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What a treat today! Caught @doubletapcrochet putting this piece up in our parking lot out of a sheer love and a desire to spread kindness. We also happen to be Spotlighting YARN this month. Lucky us in every way!!!


These three Agoura High School @instagoura students earned Service Learning hours volunteering at the studio.They were instrumental in the revamping our Spotlight Idea book as they categorized and organized pages and pages of material ideas fo reuse. Thank you!


Spotlighting yarn this month we wanted to know how yarn is made?
We found a cool link on Made How
where we got the scoop about how wool, silk, cotton, polyester and other fibers become yarn. It’s all In the twist!

Happy February!

Happy February!
We’ve got a great month planned for you.
Follow our daily instagram posts with the hashtag #createhearts featuring hearts of all varieties to inspire lovingness.
We have our usual open studio time, deal times and days, Messy Toddler Art Fun, Field Trip visits, Troop visits, Machine Sewing classes, Girls Club Strong Confidence Classes, A Pinspired Night, parents Night Out, M.A.T.E.S. Steam Night, Birthday Parties, a Spotlight on YARN and Oak Parks Super Saturday!
Let’s have a lovely time creating together.


As our spotlight on Styrofoam shines on, we look at what creators have been making with styroafoam. 

Here, a modern little bunny fuses traditional (non biodegradable) Styrofoam with its contemporary,  bio degradable packing peanuts that break down as soon as they get wet. 

Our bunny friend marks the sign of change in the world of packing and shiping…

Messy = Fun

Messy Toddler Art Fun meant creating and exploring with this n’ that this morning. We even got to mess around with some interesting Styrofoam stuff which is our material spotlight this month!

Spotlight on Polystyrene

Our spotlight shines the light on “Styrofoam”, known in it’s manufacturing circles as Extruded, Expanded and Molded Polystyrene and falls under the plastic umbrella of material. In order to be lightweight it is injected with a gas to make them so. Styrofoam is slow to biodegrade and it’s small pieces can be found making their ways to oceans and lakes. Yikes!
Learn more about this sciency material by visiting Wikipedia’s vast explanation at

Global Warming is a thing…

Natural elements are changing all around us as they always have.
In todays world though, the process of change is sped up by the number of people sharing our planet.
We are using more space, building more structures, growing more food, feeding more people and buying more items than ever before so planetary change is coming on strong.
As I think of the quote by sustainability proponent, Annie Leonard, “there is no such thing as away.” I shiver at all the bi-products of our more-ness.
I am not sure what came first for me, reuse or creativity or maybe they walked a tandem line as I noted from a childhood age the potential and intrigue of consumer packaging, what was destined to become post-consumer waste. A wrapper has more to it than just covering this chocolate bar… what could it be? That concept still unfolds for me each day at the studio when I see what creators do with the stuff we have. Looking at packaging and more this way means recycling just makes sense on so many levels. We do it for fun with a creative connection but there is so much more I think about. Our planet and all of it’s inhabitants is what I think about. It’s a real thing to think about, I have children and they may have children…oohh boy.
Today, I keep it simple and focus on what can be reused and recreated to make a happier child, a more curious mind and a more conscious mind.
I am focusing on reuse as a a desire to step in the right direction.


Wow! As we continue our Spotlight on Plastics I spot this story in the November issue of @oprah magazine about jewelry artist, Kat Crabill of who rescues discarded plastic pieces from Hawaiian shorelines and turns them into jewel worthy pieces that are quite Devine.

I love what she is re-doing to bring awareness and conservation to our oceans.