Connection is the Heart

Tomorrow we start our week long half-day Eco Dollhouse Camp with the most important part of any home- the people who live there. That’s connection.
People often say the kitchen is the heart of the home but that is because it’s the place that draws people to it. The heart itself lies in the people who live there and how they connect with one another. Shame researcher, Brene Brown has said that connection is the ultimate human need. I would agree. We may connect in fits and starts but connect in a home we do. It’s how we feel love.
Connection, I would agree, next to food and shelter is the highest human need . It’s how we fit into this vast world. Connection was even woven into the idea that sparked my creating the studio, being one of the key elements to partner with creativity. I feel that connection and creativity go hand-in hand and elevate us. Whether it’s an individual experience in connecting with our own selves or a shared experience with the people in our lives on a creative endeavor.

I am so excited for this dollhouse camp because I believe it will bridge these two C’s in a beautiful way. Decorating a mini home and the people that live there will give our campers an avenue to create a connecting space for themselves as well as the family that lives there while making fellow camper friends and spending time with us, the studio staff. In these created worlds the kids can make everything as they would like it to be and when the week is done, they will take their creations home to their families and  share connections with them as they talk about their amazing projects and their week with us.
Last week was a skill centered camp, this week is a connection centered camp. We can’t wait!

Jemma W., Owner