Creating at home #11

‚ÄčThankful day 12 is Creating at home idea number 11- make a Thanksgiving pop-up card to send to family near or far.

You’ll need two pieces of paper that you can color or paint, markers, pencils or paint and glue (a glue stick and 8x11size paper works great)
Before creating your design lay the two pieces together and fold them in half, sideways.
Then, take the top of the inside paper and at the fold line, fold it diagnally like a triangle-you choose how big or small this fold will be . It will be the pop-out part of your card.
Then decorate your papers as you would like, one to be the inside of the card and one to be the outside, and glue them together leaving the top pop-out corner free to move facing inward.

Presto, you have a cool card to share!