Creating at home!

I loved Lexi’s poolside lounge chairs so much and they were so easy to make! Inspired, here’s Creating st home idea 16 for at home summer fun using resources wisely (as they say in Girl Scouts)
Make furniture from snack and cereal boxes!
All you need is:
A clean food box
A pair of scissors
1 roll or tape or glue
A ruler
A pencil
Here’s the example idea:

  • Decide on the width and length of your piece of furniture.
  • Lightly sketch it out.
  • This lounge chair is one long piece of cardboard that is folded at points starting at the foot of it a short distance then folded downward with the center of the small folded are cut to become feet.
  • The next section is long and folded upward again the goes a shorter distance to become the backrest of the chair.
  • It was folded downward so that when it was set on a table it came off the table the same distance as the front feet.
  • The backrest was glued to the back of the lounge chair and a notch cut out to make feet at the bottom to match the feet at the front.
  • You can play around with all kinds of ideas for tables, chairs (which can work similarly to the lounge chair here with a smaller set area)
  • Go wild and design all kinds of furniture for toys, dolls and more!