Creating at home idea # 9

Chalkboard Tabletop.

This easy project requires a trip to the  craft or hardware store to begin, but it’s worth it.

Before you go, scout out a table small table at home, a paint brush and a piece of chalk.Perhaps a side table that needs a bit of jazzing up anyway.

Once you have a table decided your going to go out and get a small container of chalkboard paint (no need for more than a quart). There are a number of brand choices these days depending on whether your in a craft store of a hardware store.

With your table clean and paint in hand your ready to paint. Cover just the table top with the chalk paint. Do two coats, allowing dry time between coats. Once the table is painted the lasting fun begins. Now, the whole family  can use the chalk you found to draw seasonal pictures and messages throughout the year. It’s even fun when displaying hors d’oeuvres for company, just write out your cheese and cracker display on the table.