Creativity for Schools

Creating on campuses.

We are bringing creativity to school campuses in the Conejo Valley this fall. You may know that CReATE STUDIO has a sister organization, CReATE ON YOUR CAMPUS. Our Board Members refer to it as C.O.Y.C. for short. C.O.Y.C. brings creativity to school campuses through the reuse of campus cast-offs. Think along the zero waste lines for art and curriculum use!
CReATE STUDIO has 10 years of recycled creating under it’s belt so we understand the inherent value of creating with these raw materials for kids. In fact this knowledge was the a big part of motivation to bring the spirit of the studio to school campuses. We have been connecting with materials found on campuses to build out our campus organization for the last five years.

This year brings a positive mascot to our campus efforts. Students made these Forky style friends after being inspired by Disney’s Toy Story 4 character, Forky. For kids and adults alike the Forky character helps communicate a connection that using recycled materials and a bit of creativity can create real fun.
I grew up on the broad possibilities that consumer packaging can have for a child’s imagination. We’re excited to bring that spirit forward through campus materials for the 2019/2020 school year. With our Forky style friends at the helm kids can take their imaginations to infinity and beyond!
Jemma W.