Grateful Lifelong Learner

This week I participated IN a class at CReATE as a student and I was grateful for it.
Taking Kristina Virtue’s Intro To Calligraphy class on Thursday Night was a happy reminder to keep-on learning. She gave us lots of tips, tools and tricks to bring Modern Calligraphy into our everyday with one key ingredient, practice. Isn’t that just what we’d tell our kids? Practice makes…better than before at least. I am not after perfection but, I am after I realize, continued learning. That is a growing interest of mine. It comes later that it would have served me best but maybe now is the right time to actually enjoy it. After the class, knowing that I wasn’t seeking to be a master calligraphist I have been playing over cups of coffee and in my weekly planner as I map out my days with my calligraphy style and each time feel somewhat like a kid again, excited by this new thing, Modern Calligraphy. Maybe that’s what learning offers us always. A glimpse into the giddy moments of our childhood years where magic resided in the little things.