Happy Earth Day

I am always amazed at how our earth regenerates itself.  How even after a devastating fire, the green returns the following year.  Or how after a strong storm, the next day will be bright and sunny; bushes that bowed down the day before, now standing tall.  I think, too, of weeds cropping up in sidewalk cracks.   Nothing seems to keep that life force down.  How resilient mother earth is!  How persistent.   This earth day, I’m thinking about ways I can be a little more regenerative, a little more life-giving.   Like, planting an herb garden, so I won’t buy herbs in plastic wraps or throw out half of a large bunch from the farmers’ market that I never seem to finish. In my backyard, I can just snip what I need.   I also think love has a regenerative property, that grows exponentially, like so many things in the natural world.  We humans need love to grow!  So, I’m going to work a little harder at spreading that love around.

Happy Earth Day!

Warm Regards,

Alora C

Sustainability Planner