Holidays Make for Great Creative Family Time

It’s December!

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to make gingerbread houses with my daughter. 

It all began with one gingerbread house kit, when she was quite young.  Over the years, we’ve expanded. First, we added more candy (of course!)  Next, we created a snow-covered yard out of frosting and pine trees made out of green frosted ice cream cones.  

One year, we were inspired by a bag of licorice scottie dogs, to add a dog house out of graham crackers.  Soon after, our little house began to grow into a small village, with graham cracker shops.  

It is such a creative, fun project with no end in sight.  It’s the kind of project that can grow with your child as their manual dexterity and creative expression matures.   In the early days, it was probably a 20 minute project.  Just this past weekend, I think we spent 3 hours on the “village” spread out over 3 days — and we’re not even done yet!   

Which brings me to what I cherish most about his project:  the time spent with my daughter.  I love that we are building a tradition — and all that snacking candy sure is a good lure!

Happy Holidays,

Alora C

CReATE STUDIO, Sustainability Planner