Lemons Into Lemonade

I got a text the other day with a picture that brought me so much joy. It was a simple picture but the meaning behind it was inspiring. I saw lemons into lemonade.

I had dropped off a few of our Grab Bags to my friend who was watching her sick grandkids for a stretch of days. It was nearly St Patrick’s Day then, so I included some shoebox Leprechaun houses I had made along with the bags.

I had hoped the kids would have fun with the bags for at least the night they got them. You never know since they range in age from wee little to pretty big but the text I got showed me that this was a project that was going to keep ongoing.

Leave it creativity to add a bright spark to sick at home days. Looks like everyone decided to pool their resources and try something entirely new, make one big house with lots of room for expansion. Using creativity (which expands when shared ) made way for fun and a project that everyone could be a part of. I just love that. Creativity always saves the day, makes things lighter, brighter, funner, and now with more rooms. Lemons into lemonade.

Jemma W.