Let’s Make Magazine Necklaces

Here’s a great craft activity and recycle lesson all rolled into one!  Kids appreciate recycling when they upcycle magazines into jewelry they can use!  Simply cut long, thin triangles out of magazine paper.
 Starting at the wide end of the paper triangle, roll the paper around a pencil again and again using a bit of glue as you go, making sure to add glue at the point end of the roll to hold it together (it’s OK if the glue gets on the rest of the bead, just be careful not to glue it onto the pencil). 
Once dry, remove the paper bead from pencil and now you have made a bead! 
You can paint beads with a coat of mod-podge to give a satin finish and an extra measure to hold it together.  Experiment with different papers and dimensions.  The length of the base of your triangle will always be the length of your bead. 
*Triangles with wider bases and shorter heights will make oblong looking beads; whereas triangles with narrower bases and taller heights will make more rounded beads.  Experiment with paper thickness, or glue two or three triangles together for thicker beads. You can also use wrapping paper, newsprint, funny pages, etc. to make your beads. You can can change the size of the opening of the bead by using toothpicks, straws, knitting needles, etc. Explore and have fun!

Alora C.
Sustainability Planner