Main Squeeze

Using clear condiment bottles has been perfect for the variety of uses I have needed, not just for camp weeks but for Messy Toddler Art fun, Enrichment classes, and even birthday parties. They are the main squeeze!

I just wrapped up our Eco-Art Camp week where we put school glue and primary paint colors to good use as we created camp projects.

As I cleaned the bins of tools and supplies after the camp week was done I was reminded of just how fun the squeeze bottles are for kids. They are easy to use and clean too.
I catch myself recommending these bottles to families often so, why not here? Parents, I highly recommend getting your hands on some of these inexpensive reusable bottles to use with kids for glue, paint, homemade craft recipes like: d.i.y. puff paint, sidewalk chalk paint, glitter paint and they are also great for just water too!

I have saved a few paint style recipes that I have used at the studio to the #30daysofreuse board on our Pinterest account. Try them out this summer.

You can pick up these reusable plastic squeeze bottles locally at your nearest Smart and Final as a six pack and individually at Target and Wallmart. Get squeezy!

Jemma W.
Owner / Founder